People of PAS

BirdNote Celebrates Bird Champions Across the Country . . .

and our very own Jay Ward is one of them!

As part of GiveBIG's Day of Champions (05-05-15), BirdNote published stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things and making a big difference in the lives and welfare of birds.  Here is what they wrote about PAS Board Member Jay Ward: 
“Jay Ward … is a board member at large for Pilchuck Audubon in Western Washington, and is a champion for birds. In addition to providing a pond with circulating water and a constant supply of feeder food for the birds at his property, he volunteered to hang nesting gourds for Purple Martins on Jetty Island, just off the Everett waterfront. This was no small feat – involving a boat, a ladder, lots of balance, and more than a little patience to get the job done. Since the gourds were hung two years ago, nesting Purple Martins (and the odd Tree Swallow family) have occupied them both years and added their sweet, melodic tones to the air above the island.

For his next ambitious project, Jay is working on arrangements to erect a pole and nesting platform for the Ospreys that spend the breeding season on the Everett waterfront. If all goes well, Jay will have provided nesting habitat for another of our iconic migratory species.”

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