Trip Reports 2013 July through September

 Anacortes – Tuesday July 2, 2013

Kathleen, Amy, Virginia, Gary, Reg, Rex, Rick, Art, Carlos, Doug, Judy
52 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
WATERFOWL:  Canada Goose(10), Harlequin Duck(3)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(3), Pelagic Cormorant(2), Great Blue Heron(151)
VULTURE: Turkey Vulture(3)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(5), Red-tailed Hawk(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(3), Black Oystercatcher(5)
GULLS: Glaucous-winged(310)
TERNS, JEAGERS: Caspian Tern(50)
ALCIDS: Pigeon Guillemot(16), Marbled Murrelet(7), Rhinoceros Auklet(2)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Mourning Dove(1)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(5)
WOODPECKERS: Hairy Woodpecker(1), Northern Flicker(1)
FLYCATICHERS:  Willow Flycatcher(7), Pacific-slope Flycatcher(1)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(1), American Crow(8), Common Raven(1)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Tree Swallow(2), Violet-green Swallow(2), Northern Rough-winged Swallow(1), Barn Swallow(4)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(9), Chestnut-backed(1)
NUTHATCHES, CREEPER: Red-breasted(2)
THRUSHES: Swainson's Thrush(2), American Robin(6)
STARLING:  European Starling(23)
WAXWINGS: Cedar(7)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Orange-crowned(1), Common Yellowthroat(1)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(2), Song Sparrow(15), White-crowned Sparrow(23), Dark-eyed Junco(3), Western Tanager(1), Black-headed Grosbeak(1)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(10), Brewer's Blackbird(1)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Purple Finch(2), House Finch(4), Pine Siskin(1),  American Goldfinch(3), House Sparrow(13) 

Camano Island – Tuesday, July 9, 2013
For the middle of summer we had a very good birding day seeing 53 species of birds.  We had good looks at an orange-crowed warbler and a Willow flycatcher watching both singing away.  Iverson was its usual good birding spot having a couple of Bullocks orioles in the willows on the side of the road.   An eagle was feeding babys at English boom and close by was a tree swallow nest with a baby tree swallow looking out for its mom to bring more food.  We also saw western sandpipers at English Boom.
Virginia, Phil, Amy, Art Carlos, Gary, Rex, Carol, John, Merilee, Joe, Rick and Wilma
53 Species Id’d(Approx. Qty.)
WATERFOWL:  Mallard(1 /w 6 ducklings)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested cormorant(4), Great Blue Heron(39)
RAPTORS: Osprey(2), Bald Eagle(43), Northern Harrier(3), Red-tailed Hawk(1)
RAILS, CRANES: Virginia Rail(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(12), Western Sandpiper(35)
GULLS: Ring-billed(350), Glaucous-winged(4)
TERNS, JEAGERS: Caspian Tern(7)
ALCIDS: Pigeon Guillemot(3)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Eurasian Collared-Dove(6), Mourning Dove(2)
HUMMINGBIRDS: Anna's(2), Rufous(5),
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(3)
WOODPECKERS: Northern Flicker(5)
FLYCATICHERS:  Western Wood-Pewee(1), Willow Flycatcher(2), Western Kingbird(1)
CORVIDS: American Crow(18)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Purple Martin(20), Tree Swallow(3), Violet-green Swallow(28), Cliff Swallow(40), Barn Swallow(31)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(17), Chestnut-backed(12), Bushtit(6)
NUTHATCHES, CREEPER: Red-breasted(1), Brown Creeper(1)
WRENS:  Marsh(10)
THRUSHES: Swainson's Thrush(22), American Robin(9)
STARLING:  European Starling(75)
WAXWINGS: Cedar(19)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Orange-crowned(2), Common Yellowthroat(2)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(4), Savannah Sparrow(7), Song Sparrow(3), White-crowned Sparrow(10), Black-headed Grosbeak(1)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(6), Brewer's Blackbird(1), Brown-headed Cowbird(1), Bullock's Oriole(2)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: House Finch(2), American Goldfinch(14), House Sparrow(15) 

Stevens Pass – Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Phil, Virginia, Rex, Art, Carlos, Carol, Doug, Margaret P., Merilee and Joe
29 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Band tailed Pigeon(5)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(1)
VIREOS: Warbling(2)
CORVIDS: Gray Jay(1), Steller's Jay(1), American Crow(1), Common Raven(7)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Violet-green Swallow(1), Barn Swallow(1)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(1)
THRUSHES: Swainson's Thrush(6), Hermit Thrush(10), American Robin(2), Varied Thrush(1)
WAXWINGS: Cedar(19)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Orange-crowned(1), Nashville(1), MacGillivray's(4), Yellow(4), Wilson's(1)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Song Sparrow(1), White-crowned Sparrow(4), Dark-eyed Junco(1), Western Tanager(3)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Brown-headed Cowbird(1)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Pine Siskin(3),  American Goldfinch(1), Evening Grosbeak(3)

Blue Stilly Park and Arlington Area – Tuesday, July 23, 2013
The surprise of the day was seeing the Lazuli buntings at the wetland off of I-5.  A couple of us saw the American Bittern at Portage Creek.  The best part of the day was lunch at Virginia’s place with really great tasty food and great comrade amongst the birders.
Phil, Rex, Wilma, Virginia, Art, Carlos, Carol, Judy, Kathleen, John, Geri, Allen, Gary, Julie, Nigel, Merilee, Joe, Margaret and Chuck
54 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
WATERFOWL:  Wood Duck, Mallard()
LOONS, GREBES: Red-necked Grebe
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: American Bittern, Great Blue Heron
VULTURE: Turkey Vulture
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle, Cooper's Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk
RAILS, CRANES: Virginia Rail
SHOREBIRDS: Spotted Sandpiper
GULLS: Glaucous-winged
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon, Eurasian Collared-Dove, Mourning Dove
HUMMINGBIRDS: Anna's, Rufous
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher
WOODPECKERS: Hairy Woodpecker, Northern Flicker
FLYCATICHERS:  Western Wood-Pewee, Willow Flycatcher
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay, American Crow, Common Raven
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Tree Swallow, Violet-green Swallow, Northern Rough-winged Swallow, Cliff Swallow, Barn Swallow
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped, Chestnut-backed
WRENS: Bewick's, Marsh
THRUSHES: Swainson's Thrush, American Robin
STARLING:  European Starling
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Common Yellowthroat, Yellow, Wilson's
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee, Song Sparrow, Dark-eyed Junco, Western Tanager, Black-headed Grosbeak, Lazuli Bunting

Stillaguamish and Sauk Rivers – Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Phil, Virginia, Rex, Mara, Kathleen, Amy, Judy and Jean
48 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
WATERFOWL:  Wood Duck(6)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Great Blue Heron(1)
VULTURE: Turkey Vulture(4)
RAPTORS: Osprey(3), Bald Eagle(1), Red-tailed Hawk(3), Peregrine Falcon(1)
RAILS, CRANES: Virginia Rail(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Spotted Sandpiper(5)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(18), Mourning Dove(1)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(5)
WOODPECKERS: Hairy Woodpecker(1)
FLYCATICHERS:  Western Wood-Pewee(5), Willow Flycatcher(1), Hammond's Flycatcher(1)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(2), American Crow(22), Common Raven(6)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Violet-green Swallow(50), Northern Rough-winged Swallow(18), Barn Swallow(42)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(7), Chestnut-backed(2), Bushtit(13)
WRENS: Pacific(5)
THRUSHES: Swainson's Thrush(18), Hermit Thrush(1), American Robin(16)
STARLING:  European Starling(30)
WAXWINGS: Cedar(14)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: MacGillivray's(1), Common Yellowthroat(4), Wilson's(2)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(1), Song Sparrow(4), White-crowned Sparrow(2), Dark-eyed Junco(2), Black-headed Grosbeak(2)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(22), Brewer's Blackbird(6)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Purple Finch(4), American Goldfinch(3), Evening Grosbeak(1), House Sparrow(3)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird, Western Meadowlark, Brewer's Blackbird, Brown-headed Cowbird, Bullock's Oriole
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Purple Finch, House Finch, American Goldfinch, House Sparrow 

Snoqualmie Valley – Tuesday August 6, 2013
Kathleen, John S., Susan, Margaret P., Margaret B., Rex, Reg, Gary, Phil, Virginia, Amy, Art, Rick, Carlos and Doug
50 Species I’d (Approx. Qty.)
WATERFOWL:  Canada Goose(1), Wood Duck(3), Gadwall(2),  Mallard(12), Common Merganser(5)
LOONS, GREBES: Pied-billed Grebe(1)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Great Blue Heron(2)
VULTURE: Turkey Vulture(1)
RAPTORS: Osprey(1), Bald Eagle(1), Red-tailed Hawk(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(3), Spotted Sandpiper(1), Western Sandpiper(8)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Eurasian Collared-Dove(32), Mourning Dove(2)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(2)
WOODPECKERS: Red-breasted Sapsucker(3), Downy Woodpecker(2), Northern Flicker(3)
FLYCATICHERS:  Western Wood-Pewee(10), Willow Flycatcher(16)
VIREOS: Red-eyed(3)
CORVIDS: American Crow(6), Common Raven(4)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Violet-green Swallow(5), Cliff Swallow(4), Barn Swallow(9)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(7)
WRENS: Bewick's(2), Marsh(2)
THRUSHES: Hermit Thrush(1), American Robin(4)
STARLING:  European Starling(30)
WAXWINGS: Cedar(9)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Nashville(1), Common Yellowthroat(15), Yellow(2), Yellow-rumped(1), Wilson's(1)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(2), Song Sparrow(10), White-crowned Sparrow(1), Black-headed Grosbeak(5)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(1), Brewer's Blackbird(35),
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Purple Finch(1), American Goldfinch(24), House Sparrow(6) 

Hwy. 20 to Diablo Dam – Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Phil, Virginia, Gary, Rex, Art, Rick, Carlos, Carol, Merilee, Joe, Margaret P
41 species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
WATERFOWL:  Canada Goose(8), Wood Duck(2), Common Merganser(6)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Great Blue Heron(1)
VULTURE: Turkey Vulture(1)
RAPTORS: Osprey(2), Bald Eagle(1), Cooper's Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(5)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(12), Eurasian Collared-Dove(8), Mourning Dove(1)
NIGHTHAWKS, SWIFTS: Black(1), Vaux's(6)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(4)
WOODPECKERS: Red-breasted Sapsucker(1), Pileated Woodpecker(1)
FLYCATICHERS:  Western Wood-Pewee(3), Willow Flycatcher(2)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(3), American Crow(13), Common Raven(1)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Violet-green Swallow(2), Cliff Swallow(1), Barn Swallow(52)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(12)
THRUSHES: American Robin(4),
STARLING:  European Starling(40)
WAXWINGS: Cedar(22)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Yellow(2), Black-throated Gray(2)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(1), White-crowned Sparrow(1), Western Tanager(2), Black-headed Grosbeak(2)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(5), Brewer's Blackbird(10)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Purple Finch(1), House Finch(1), American Goldfinch(16), House Sparrow(22) 

Samish Flats – Tuesday, August 20, 2013
This is always a good winter birding area, but what do you expect in the middle of August.  What a surprise.  We had whimbrels, Dowitchers and sandpipers.  Orioles and Tanagers were found on a walk through the woods. 
Phil, Virginia, Reg, Rex, Wilma, Margaret P., Rick, Susan, Gerri, Art, Doug, Gary and Jim
59 Species I’d (Approx. Qty.)
WATERFOWL:  Canada Goose(35), Gadwall(3),  Mallard(26)
LOONS, GREBES: Common Loon(1)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested(12), Great Blue Heron(1)
VULTURE: Turkey Vulture(1)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(1), Northern Harrier(4), Cooper's Hawk(2), Red-tailed Hawk(6)
RAILS, CRANES: Virginia Rail(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(26), Spotted Sandpiper(1), Greater Yellowlegs(1), Whimbrel(2), Western Sandpiper(4), Least Sandpiper(10), Pectoral Sandpiper(10, Short-billed Dowitcher(7)
GULLS: Ring-billed(200), Glaucous-winged(50)
TERNS, JEAGERS: Caspian Tern(3)
ALCIDS: Pigeon Guillemot(1)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(2), Eurasian Collared-Dove(6), Mourning Dove(1)
HUMMINGBIRDS: Anna's(1), Rufous(1)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(1)
WOODPECKERS: Northern Flicker(1)
FLYCATICHERS:  Western Wood-Pewee(1), Willow Flycatcher(1)
CORVIDS: American Crow(2), Common Raven(28)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Violet-green Swallow(2), Cliff Swallow(6), Barn Swallow(29)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(9), Chestnut-backed(6)
NUTHATCHES, CREEPER: Red-breasted(2)
WRENS: Bewick's(1)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(1)
THRUSHES: American Robin(3)
STARLING:  European Starling(50)
WAXWINGS: Cedar(8)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(1), Savannah Sparrow(13), Song Sparrow(1), Western Tanager(1), Black-headed Grosbeak(1)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(27), Brown-headed Cowbird(4), Bullock's Oriole(1)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Purple Finch(3), American Goldfinch(40), House Sparrow(3) 

Mount Baker – Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Seeing a flock of 21 Turkey Vultures in a tree on the side of the road on Hwy. 9 was a surprise.  At first we thought they were Ravens and then we looked closer.  We were excited to see the Red-eyed Vireos and listen to them calling just east of Glacier.  The best sighting was of the Pipits at the top of the pass.  They were really close to us and eating bugs on the snow patches next to our path.
Rex, Rick Virginia, Merilee, Joe, Gary, Art, Carlos, Jim and Wilma
35 Species I’d (Approx. Qty.)
WATERFOWL:  Canada Goose(6),  Hooded Merganser(1)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Great Blue Heron(1)
VULTURE: Turkey Vulture(21)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(2), Sharp-shinned Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(4)
GULLS: Glaucous-winged(1)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Eurasian Collared-Dove(3)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(1)
WOODPECKERS: Northern Flicker(1), Pileated Woodpecker(1)
VIREOS: Warbling(4), Red-eyed(2)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(2), American Crow(13), Common Raven(4)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Violet-green Swallow(3)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(3)
WRENS: Pacific(1),
THRUSHES: Hermit Thrush(1), American Robin(3)
STARLING:  European Starling(2)
PIPITS: American Pipit(24)
WAXWINGS: Cedar(37)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Orange-crowned(3), Common Yellowthroat(6), Yellow(2), Black-throated Gray(1)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(1), Song Sparrow(3), Dark-eyed Junco(2), Black-headed Grosbeak(1)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: American Goldfinch(7), Evening Grosbeak(5)

Camano Island – Tuesday, September 2, 2013
Our best bird of the day was the Baird’s Sandpiper on Eide Road.  We also enjoyed seeing the warblers, creepers and Caspian Terns at English Boom and some of us did see a Mountain Chickadee at Iverson.  We also had a great view of the Virginia Rail at Iverson.
Virginia, Margaret, Art, Doug, Reg, John, Jim, Rick and Wilma
60 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
WATERFOWL:  Mallard(75)
LOONS, GREBES: Common Loon(3), Horned Grebe(4), Red-necked Grebe(3), Western Grebe(3)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested(7), Great Blue Heron(90)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(4), Sharp-shinned Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(1)
RAILS, CRANES: Virginia Rail(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(10), Greater Yellowlegs(1), Western Sandpiper(164), Baird’s(1)
GULLS: Ring-billed(1), Glaucous-winged(5,010)
TERNS, JEAGERS: Caspian Tern(32)
ALCIDS: Pigeon Guillemot(12), Marbled Murrelet(4)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Eurasian Collared-Dove(15), Mourning Dove(8)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(3)
WOODPECKERS: Hairy Woodpecker(1), Northern Flicker(2), Pileated Woodpecker(1)
FLYCATICHERS:  Western Wood-Pewee(1)
CORVIDS:  American Crow(24), Common Raven(1)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Tree Swallow(11), Violet-green Swallow(2), Barn Swallow(88)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(14), Mountain(1), Chestnut-backed(12)
NUTHATCHES, CREEPER: Red-breasted(3), Brown Creeper(2)
WRENS: Bewick's(7), Pacific(1), Marsh(4)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(1), Ruby-crowned(1)
THRUSHES: American Robin(36)
STARLING:  European Starling(930)
WAXWINGS: Cedar(10)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Orange-crowned(2), Common Yellowthroat(5), Yellow-rumped(2)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(9), Song Sparrow(13), Lincoln's Sparrow(2), White-crowned Sparrow(15), Dark-eyed Junco(2)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Brewer's Blackbird(2), Brown-headed Cowbird(3)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Purple Finch(3), House Finch(6), American Goldfinch(21), Evening Grosbeak(1), House Sparrow(10) 

Deception Pass – Tuesday, September 10, 2013
The best birding of the day was at Crescent Lake where we saw the different warblers, Bullocks Orioles and the Swainson’s Thrushes.  At Rosario Beach we saw the Harlequin ducks, Surf Scoters and the Rinoceros Auklets.   
Virginia, Mara, Art, Gary, Merilee, Joe, John, Reg, Dick, Phil, Rick, Jim, Ceil, Randy and Wilma
55 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
WATERFOWL:  Canada Goose(82), Wood Duck(7), Mallard(11), Harlequin Duck(4), Surf Scoter(7), Hooded Merganser(2)
LOONS, GREBES: Common Loon(1), Pied-billed Grebe(2), Horned Grebe(1)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(7), Pelagic Cormorant(6), Great Blue Heron(4)
VULTURE: Turkey Vulture(4)
RAPTORS: Osprey(1), Cooper's Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(1)
RAILS, CRANES: Virginia Rail(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(2), Black Oystercatcher(1)
GULLS: Heermann's(2), Mew(1), Ring-billed(4), California(2), Glaucous-winged(6)
ALCIDS: Pigeon Guillemot(11), Rhinoceros Auklet(2)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Mourning Dove(1)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(7)
WOODPECKERS: Downy Woodpecker(1), Northern Flicker(1)
FLYCATICHERS:  Willow Flycatcher(2)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(1), American Crow(8), Common Raven(11)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Violet-green Swallow(1), Cliff Swallow(5), Barn Swallow(50)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(11)
NUTHATCHES, CREEPER: Red-breasted(1)
WRENS: Bewick's(1)
THRUSHES: Swainson's Thrush(2), American Robin(33)
STARLING:  European Starling(10)
WAXWINGS: Cedar(45)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Orange-crowned(4), Yellow-rumped(3), Wilson's(1)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(2), Song Sparrow(5), White-crowned Sparrow(8), Dark-eyed Junco(4)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(9), Bullock's Oriole(2)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Purple Finch(12), American Goldfinch(2)

  Sequim – Tuesday, September 17, 2013
Our bird of the day was watching a flock of Brown Pelicans flying over the bay and landing into the water to get food at the old three crabs restaurant site.  We had a great variety of birds spotted today ending up with a high species count.
Phil, Margaret, Wilma, Virginia, Art, Doug, Carlos, Rick, Kathleen, Marty, Rex, Ray, Reg, Jim, Gary, Jim and Ann.
81 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
WATERFOWL:  Canada Goose(12), Gadwall(6),  American Wigeon(15), Mallard(55), Northern Shoveler(7), Northern Pintail(8), Green-winged Teal(2), Surf Scoter(3), Hooded Merganser(4), Ruddy Duck(7)
LOONS, GREBES: Pacific Loon(6), Common Loon(11), Pied-billed Grebe(1), Horned Grebe(7), Red-necked Grebe(6), Western Grebe(12)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested(2), Pelagic(3), Brown Pelican(30), Great Blue Heron(2)
VULTURE: Turkey Vulture(4)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(2), Northern Harrier(1),Cooper's Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(4)
RAILS, CRANES: American Coot(3)
SHOREBIRDS: Black-bellied Plover(24), Killdeer(13), Greater Yellowlegs(1), Western Sandpiper(28), Least Sandpiper(1), Dunlin(10), Short-billed Dowitcher(4)
GULLS: Heermann's(25), Mew(18), Ring-billed(16), California(2), Glaucous-winged(12)
ALCIDS: Common Murre(6), Pigeon Guillemot(35), Marbled Murrelet(4), Rhinoceros Auklet(10)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(35), Eurasian Collared-Dove(12)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(5)
WOODPECKERS: Red-breasted Sapsucker(1), Downy Woodpecker(1), Northern Flicker(2)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(3), American Crow(55), Common Raven(2)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Violet-green Swallow(3), Barn Swallow(2)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(2), Chestnut-backed(18), Bushtit(6)
NUTHATCHES, CREEPER: Red-breasted(7), Brown Creeper(4)
WRENS: Pacific(1),
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(5), Ruby-crowned(1)
THRUSHES: American Robin(5)
STARLING:  European Starling(30)
WAXWINGS: Cedar(12)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Yellow-rumped(1), Black-throated Gray(2), Townsend's(1)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(2), Savannah Sparrow(15), Fox Sparrow(1), Song Sparrow(4), Lincoln's Sparrow(1), White-crowned Sparrow(19), Golden-crowned Sparrow(6), Dark-eyed Junco(2), Western Tanager(1)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(26)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Purple Finch(2), Red Crossbill(6), American Goldfinch(19), House Sparrow(10) 

 Jetty Island – Tuesday, September 24, 2013
A big thanks to Doug for transporting all of the birders from the Everett shore onto Jetty Island.  Word was that all enjoyed the ride.  Birding was good for birding just on the island with seeing some good shorebirds and other water fowl.
Art, Virginia, Geri, Reg, Doug, John D., John, Jim, Rick, Merilee, Joe, Gary and Marty
WATERFOWL:  Canada Goose(58), American Wigeon(35), Mallard(30)
LOONS, GREBES: Common Loon(1), Pied-billed Grebe(1), Horned Grebe(2), Red-necked Grebe(1), Western Grebe(2)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(15), Great Blue Heron(12)
RAPTORS: Osprey(10), Cooper's Hawk(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Black-bellied Plover(2), Killdeer(1), Sanderling(2), Western Sandpiper(150), Least Sandpiper(12), Dunlin(1)
GULLS: Mew(2), Ring-billed(6), California(10), Glaucous-winged(4)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(2)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(4)
CORVIDS: American Crow(2)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Barn Swallow(2)
WRENS: Marsh(1)
THRUSHES: American Robin(6)
STARLING:  European Starling(30)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Common Yellowthroat(2), Wilson's(1)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Savannah Sparrow(8), Fox Sparrow(1), Song Sparrow(5), Lincoln's Sparrow(2), White-crowned Sparrow(8),
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: American Goldfinch(4)