Trip Reports 2014 January through March

 Camano Island – Tuesday January 7, 2014

It rained all day, and what a surprise to find 58 species for the day.  Thankfully there was little wind. 
58 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
Virginia, Phil, Jim C. Art, Carlos, Doug, Kathleen, Sherrill, Joyce, John S., John D, Rex, Rick, Jim and Wilma
WATERFOWL:  Snow Goose(5,050), Trumpeter Swan(93), Gadwall(4),  American Wigeon(30), Mallard(130), Northern Shoveler(6), Northern Pintail(35), Green-winged Teal(12), Lesser Scaup(10), Surf Scoter(3), Bufflehead(35),  Common Goldeneye(20), Barrow's Goldeneye(2), Hooded Merganser(1)
GALLINACEOUS BIRDS: Ring-necked Pheasant(1)
LOONS, GREBES: Pacific Loon(1), Common Loon(2), Horned Grebe(32), Red-necked Grebe(22), Western Grebe(12)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(12), Great Blue Heron(15)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(65), Northern Harrier(3), Red-tailed Hawk(3)
SHOREBIRDS: Greater Yellowlegs(1), Dunlin(80)
GULLS: Mew(50), Ring-billed(1), Glaucous-winged(1)
ALCIDS: Pigeon Guillemot(24)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(30), Eurasian Collared-Dove(4), Mourning Dove(25)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(3)
WOODPECKERS: Hairy Woodpecker(1), Northern Flicker(1), Pileated Woodpecker(3)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(4), American Crow(4),Common Raven(1)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(5)
WRENS: Bewick's(2), Marsh(1)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(1), Ruby-crowned(1)
THRUSHES: American Robin(102)
STARLING:  European Starling(30)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(4), Fox Sparrow(2), Song Sparrow(3), White-crowned Sparrow(1),Golden-crowned Sparrow(38), Dark-eyed Junco(14)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(40), Western Meadowlark(6), Brewer's Blackbird(2)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: House Sparrow(16)

Clear Lake & Debay Slough – Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Our first birds of the day was watching meadowlarks in a corn field on the Lindgren Road.  We also enjoyed following a kestrel on the power lines on the Fox road. At the end of the day we decided to go to the east and west 90 roads and saw Rough-legged Hawks, lots of eagles and short eared Owls and a Shrike .
Virginia, Merilee, Joe, Art, Carlos, Doug, Jeff, Rex, Rick, Kathleen, Joyce, Jim, Jim and Wilma
50 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
WATERFOWL:  Snow Goose(600), Canada Goose(8), Trumpeter Swan(30), Eurasian Wigeon(1), American Wigeon(520), Mallard(171), Northern Pintail(504), Ring-necked Duck(15), Bufflehead(3),  Hooded Merganser(2), Common Merganser(1)
LOONS, GREBES: Common Loon(1), Pied-billed Grebe(13)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(46)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(31), Northern Harrier(8), Red-tailed Hawk(2), Rough-legged Hawk(3), American Kestrel(1)
RAILS, CRANES: American Coot(22)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(35), Eurasian Collared-Dove(6), Mourning Dove(1)
OWLS: Short-eared Owl(6)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(1)
WOODPECKERS: Red-breasted Sapsucker(1), Downy Woodpecker(1), Northern Flicker(3)
SHRIKES: Northern(1)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(3), American Crow(10),Common Raven(1)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(12), Chestnut-backed(1)
WRENS: Bewick's(2), Pacific(1)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(6)
THRUSHES: American Robin(10), Varied Thrush(11)
STARLING:  European Starling(300)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(2), Fox Sparrow(1), Song Sparrow(5), Lincoln's Sparrow(3), Golden-crowned Sparrow(2), Dark-eyed Junco(3)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(100), Western Meadowlark(6), Brewer's Blackbird(100)

Deception Pass – Tuesday, January 21, 2014
The bird of the day was seeing the rock filled with Brant’s Cormorants.  We always enjoy the Black oystercatchers at Deception Pass.  We had two Barn Owls fly out of our favorite barn.  What a treat.
63 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
Virginia, Wilma, Judy, Art, Rex, Jim C., Phil, Sherrill, Shelly, Kathleen, John, Merilee and Joe
WATERFOWL:  Canada Goose(16), Trumpeter Swan(123), Gadwall(4),  American Wigeon(2), Mallard(2), Northern Pintail(150), Green-winged Teal(10), Ring-necked Duck(6), Greater Scaup(75), Lesser Scaup(10), Harlequin Duck(6), Surf Scoter(12), Bufflehead(46),  Common Goldeneye(3), Hooded Merganser(26), Common Merganser(46), Red-breasted Merganser(2)
LOONS, GREBES: Red-throated Loon(3), Pacific Loon(200), Common Loon(3), Pied-billed Grebe(3), Horned Grebe(2), Red-necked Grebe(5)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Brant’s Cormorant(6), Double-crested Cormorant(21), PelagicCormorant(1), Great Blue Heron(7)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(10), Northern Harrier(2), Sharp-shinned Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(2)
RAILS, CRANES: Virginia Rail(1), American Coot(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Black Oystercatcher(6)
GULLS: Mew(20), Thayer's(1),  Glaucous-winged(11)
ALCIDS: Common Murre(1), Pigeon Guillemot(70)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Eurasian Collared-Dove(7)
OWLS: Barn Owl(2)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(4)
WOODPECKERS: Red-breasted Sapsucker(1), Northern Flicker(1), Pileated Woodpecker(1)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(2), American Crow(4), Common Raven(2)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Chestnut-backed(2)
NUTHATCHES, CREEPER: Red-breasted(1), Brown Creeper(1)
WRENS: Pacific(2)
KINGLETS: Ruby-crowned(3)
THRUSHES: American Robin(65), Varied Thrush(1)
STARLING:  European Starling(50)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(1), Fox Sparrow(1), Song Sparrow(2), Dark-eyed Junco(20)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(6)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: House Sparrow(12) 

Guemes Island – Tuesday, January 24, 2014
We saw lots of loons, mergansers, Pigeon Guillemots and grebes today.  One of the first birds we found were the Hooded Mergansers and Black Oystercatchers.  The oystercatchers were resting on a rock with the mergansers swimming just below them in the salt water.  We all enjoyed watching the long-tailed Ducks swimming and preening in the bay.
Wilma, Virginia, Margaret, Shelly, Judy, Art, Doug, Merilee, Joe, Jeff, Rex, Kathleen, Sherrill, Joyce and Katie
50 Species I’d(Aprox, Qty.)
WATERFOWL:  Brant(120), Mallard(12), Surf Scoter(30), White-winged Scoter(6), Long-tailed Duck(6), Bufflehead(22),  Common Goldeneye(15), Barrow's Goldeneye(2), Hooded Merganser(3), Red-breasted Merganser(31)
LOONS, GREBES: Red-throated Loon(5), Pacific Loon(2), Common Loon(5), Horned Grebe(6), Red-necked Grebe(6), Western Grebe(3)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(8), PelagicCormorant(3)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(3), Cooper's Hawk(2), Red-tailed Hawk(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Black Oystercatcher(4)
GULLS: Mew(1), Glaucous-winged(5)
ALCIDS: Pigeon Guillemot(83)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(1)
WOODPECKERS: Northern Flicker(2)
CORVIDS: American Crow(2)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(2), Chestnut-backed(14)
NUTHATCHES, CREEPER: Red-breasted(2), Brown Creeper(1)
WRENS: Bewick's(2), Pacific(5)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(6), Ruby-crowned(1)
THRUSHES: American Robin(15), Varied Thrush(1)
STARLING:  European Starling(30)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(4), Fox Sparrow(3), Song Sparrow(8), Golden-crowned Sparrow(5), Dark-eyed Junco(50)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(30), Brewer's Blackbird(12)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Purple Finch(2), House Finch(39), House Sparrow(10)

Snoqualmie Valley – Tuesday, February 4, 2014
 The bird of the day was seeing the Gyrfalcon in the Snohomish Valley.  Usually when we look for a specific bird, we do note often find them but today a flock of crows were attacking the falcon and we were able to find it. We also saw a leucistic song sparrow getting a good view of it through the scope. We also enjoyed watching a flock of of over 10 Ruby-crowned kinglets.  Several of us commented that we had never seen that many kinglets together.  They were busy little birds and some were also showing their ruby colored crowns.
51 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
Phil, Virginia, Wilma, Art, Jim, Jim, Joyce, Shelly and Sherrill
WATERFOWL:  Canada Goose(60), Trumpeter Swan(101), Gadwall(15),  American Wigeon(180), Mallard(20), Northern Shoveler(1), Northern Pintail(250), Green-winged Teal(12), Canvasback(6), Ring-necked Duck(45), Lesser Scaup(5), Bufflehead(9),  Hooded Merganser(2), Common Merganser(2)
LOONS, GREBES: Pied-billed Grebe(3)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(3), Great Blue Heron(3)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(4), Northern Harrier(1), Red-tailed Hawk(7), Gyrfalcon(1), Peregrine Falcon(2)
RAILS, CRANES: American Coot(80)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(1)
GULLS: Bonaparte's(1), Mew(4), Ring-billed(2), Glaucous-winged(18)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(12), Eurasian Collared-Dove(7), Mourning Dove(2)
WOODPECKERS: Hairy Woodpecker(1), Northern Flicker(1)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(2), American Crow(56), Common Raven(1)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(1)
WRENS: Bewick's(1), Marsh(1)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(1), Ruby-crowned(14)
THRUSHES: American Robin(135)
STARLING:  European Starling(175)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(7), Fox Sparrow(1), Song Sparrow(22), Lincoln's Sparrow(5),White-crowned Sparrow(3),Golden-crowned Sparrow(6), Dark-eyed Junco(130)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(30)                                                          
 FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: House Sparrow(1) 

  Samish Flats – Tuesday, February 10, 2014

The best sightings for the day were seeing a flock of Black-bellied Plovers fly over the field, seeing 4 Shrikes and finding one Hermit Thrush.  It was the day filled with Eagles, but we saw lots of other great raptors.  Have to enjoy seeing the Rough-legged Hawks while they are in the area.  We were also able to pull off the road and identify some Tundra Swans in a flock.  We had lots of Wigeons with at least 25 Eurasian’s seen during the day. 
64 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
Virginia, Phil, Art, Jim, Jim, Frank, Merilee, Joe, Sherrill, Ginger, John, Rex, Gary, Jeff and Wilma
WATERFOWL:  Snow Goose(600), Brant(85), Trumpeter Swan(152), Tundra Swan(6), Eurasian Wigeon(25), American Wigeon(1,700), Mallard(1,400), Northern Shoveler(7), Northern Pintail(450), Green-winged Teal(15), Greater Scaup(12), Black Scoter(1), Surf Scoter(12), White-winged Scoter(3), Long-tailed Duck(6), Bufflehead(32),  Common Goldeneye(3), Barrow's Goldeneye(3), Red-breasted Merganser(5), Ruddy Duck(3)
LOONS, GREBES: Red-throated Loon(1), Pacific Loon(1), Common Loon(13), Pied-billed Grebe(1)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Great Blue Heron(13)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(78), Northern Harrier(13), Red-tailed Hawk(9), Rough-legged Hawk(6), American Kestrel(2), Merlin(1), Peregrine Falcon(2)
SHOREBIRDS: Black-bellied Plover(12), Killdeer(20)
GULLS: Mew(200), Ring-billed(3), Glaucous-winged(1)
ALCIDS: Pigeon Guillemot(1)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(12), Eurasian Collared-Dove(2)
WOODPECKERS: Northern Flicker(7)
SHRIKES: Northern(5)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(2), American Crow(8), Common Raven(1)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Chestnut-backed(6)
WRENS: Pacific(2), Marsh(1)
THRUSHES: Hermit Thrush(1), American Robin(39), Varied Thrush(1)
STARLING:  European Starling(120)
PIPITS: American Pipit(1)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(1), Song Sparrow(3), Lincoln's Sparrow(1),White-crowned Sparrow(6),Golden-crowned Sparrow(10), Dark-eyed Junco(7)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(35), Brewer's Blackbird(26)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: House Finch(12), House Sparrow(1)
Port Townsend – Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Phil, Virginia, Shelly, John, Sherrill, Joyce, Art, Doug and Rick
53 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
WATERFOWL:  Brant(35), Canada Goose(12), Gadwall(4),  American Wigeon(10), Mallard(5), Green-winged Teal(2), Harlequin Duck(10), Black Scoter(2), Surf Scoter(10), White-winged Scoter(20), Long-tailed Duck(1), Bufflehead(63),  Common Goldeneye(4), Barrow's Goldeneye(1), Hooded Merganser(3), Red-breasted Merganser(86), Ruddy Duck(3)
LOONS, GREBES: Red-throated Loon(1), Common Loon(1), Pied-billed Grebe(1), Horned Grebe(17), Red-necked Grebe(4), Western Grebe(25)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(51), Pelagic Cormorant(3), Green Heron(1)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(3), Red-tailed Hawk(1), Peregrine Falcon(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Black-bellied Plover(50), Greater Yellowlegs(1), Ruddy Turnstone(20), Black Turnstone(40), Sanderling(8), Dunlin(239)
GULLS: Mew(32), Herring(2),Thayer's(3),  Glaucous-winged(20)
ALCIDS: Pigeon Guillemot(6)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(4)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(2)
WOODPECKERS: Northern Flicker(2)
CORVIDS: American Crow(27), Common Raven(4)
KINGLETS: Ruby-crowned(2)
THRUSHES: American Robin(136), Varied Thrush(31)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(1),White-crowned Sparrow(12), Dark-eyed Junco(3)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(1)


Blackie Spit & Boundary Bay, BC – Tuesday, February 25, 1014
The highlight of the day was the bright sunshine warming all of us while birding in about 6 inches of snow.  As for birds we enjoyed the shorebirds—the Curlew, the Godwit, both yellowlegs, Black-bellied plovers and the Dowitchers.  We also enjoyed the 12 short-eared owls at Boundary Bay.  
Phil, Virginia, Wilma, Rick, Art, Frank, Rex, Kathleen, Ginger, Sherrill and Joyce
62 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
WATERFOWL:  Brant(175), Canada Goose(12), Trumpeter Swan(2), Gadwall(4),  Eurasian Wigeon(17), American Wigeon(130), Mallard(20), Northern Shoveler(4), Northern Pintail(215), Green-winged Teal(24), Greater Scaup(35), Surf Scoter(5), Bufflehead(5),  Common Goldeneye(6), Hooded Merganser(5), Red-breasted Merganser(10)
LOONS, GREBES: Common Loon(8), Horned Grebe(4), Red-necked Grebe(2)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(1), Great Blue Heron(31)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(171), Northern Harrier(25), Cooper's Hawk(2), Red-tailed Hawk(1), American Kestrel(1), Peregrine Falcon(2)
RAILS, CRANES: American Coot(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Black-bellied Plover(16), Killdeer(5), Greater Yellowlegs(5), Lesser Yellowlegs(3), Long-billed Curlew(1), Marbled Godwit(1), Dunlin(120), Long-billed Dowitcher(3)
GULLS: Ring-billed(22), Glaucous-winged(300)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(3), Eurasian Collared-Dove(2), Mourning Dove(1)
OWLS: Short-eared Owl(12)
WOODPECKERS: Northern Flicker(3)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(1), American Crow(56), Common Raven(1)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(15)
WRENS: Marsh(2)
THRUSHES: American Robin(9), Varied Thrush(2)
STARLING:  European Starling(40)
PIPITS: American Pipit(4)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(2), Fox Sparrow(2), Song Sparrow(22), Lincoln's Sparrow(1),White-crowned Sparrow(1),Golden-crowned Sparrow(2), Dark-eyed Junco(2)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(45), Western Meadowlark(8), Brewer's Blackbird(2)

Silvana and Eide Road – Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Our bird of the day was seeing the Harris’s Sparrow on the Norman Road.  We also saw our first swallows on a Tuesday trip for the year.  The shorebirds are increasing in the area with our seeing Dowitchers, Dunlin, Western’s, Yellowlegs and a Plover.  The Snow Geese were moving from field to Field at Port Susan Reserve.
Phil, Virginia, Wilma, Art, Rick, Doug, Carlos, Kathleen, Rex, Sherrill, Jim, John and Alannah
60 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
WATERFOWL:  Snow Goose(2,000), Canada Goose(5), Gadwall(8),  Eurasian Wigeon(1), American Wigeon(1,050), Mallard(455), Northern Shoveler(12), Northern Pintail(53), Green-winged Teal(141), Ring-necked Duck(6), Bufflehead(5),  Common Goldeneye(2), Hooded Merganser(1), Red-breasted Merganser(1), Ruddy Duck(1)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(2), Great Blue Heron(21)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(24), Northern Harrier(8), Red-tailed Hawk(14), Rough-legged Hawk(1), American Kestrel(2)
RAILS, CRANES:  American Coot(21)
SHOREBIRDS: Black-bellied Plover(1), Killdeer(18), Greater Yellowlegs(13), Lesser Yellowlegs(1), Western Sandpiper(5), Dunlin(2,000), Long-billed Dowitcher(10)
GULLS: Mew(150), Glaucous-winged(50)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(8), Eurasian Collared-Dove(6), Mourning Dove(10)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(1)
WOODPECKERS: Northern Flicker(3)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(1), American Crow(1),Common Raven(1)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Violet-green Swallow(6), Bank(1)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(2), Chestnut-backed(1)
WRENS: Marsh(1)
KINGLETS: Ruby-crowned(1)
THRUSHES: American Robin(52), Varied Thrush(1)
STARLING:  European Starling(1,500)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(5), Harris’s Sparrow(1), Fox Sparrow(1), Song Sparrow(12), Lincoln's Sparrow(3),White-crowned Sparrow(1),Golden-crowned Sparrow(15), Dark-eyed Junco(8)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(500), Western Meadowlark(2), Brewer's Blackbird(24)

Blaine, Semiahmoo and Birch Bay – Tuesday March 11, 2014
Two birds of the day were the Mountain Blue Bird at Semiahmoo and the Leucistic Red Tail Hawk on the Grandview road were spotted.  We also enjoyed the flock of Pacific Loons at Blaine. A large flock of Brant were close to the shore at Birch Bay State Park.
Phil, Virginia, Rex, Frank, Kathleen, Merilee, Joe, John, Rick, Joyce, Sherrill Art, Doug, Carlos, Jim, Judy, Jeff, Rick, Ginger and Wilma
68 Species Id’d(Approx, Qty.)
WATERFOWL:  Snow Goose(1), Brant(800), Cackling Goose(16), Canada Goose(70),Trumpeter Swan(41), Gadwall(1),  Mallard(57), Northern Pintail(160), Green-winged Teal(14), Canvasback(18), Ring-necked Duck(3), Greater Scaup(72), Lesser Scaup(26), Harlequin Duck(6), Black Scoter(1), Surf Scoter(1,000), White-winged Scoter(10), Long-tailed Duck(22), Bufflehead(91),  Common Goldeneye(17), Barrow's Goldeneye(1), Hooded Merganser(8), Common Merganser(17), Red-breasted Merganser(2), Ruddy Duck(3)
LOONS, GREBES: Red-throated Loon(3), Pacific Loon(600), Common Loon(14), Horned Grebe(40), Red-necked Grebe(20), Western Grebe(30)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(220), PelagicCormorant(4), Great Blue Heron(1)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(35), Red-tailed Hawk(1 + one leucistic)
RAILS, CRANES: American Coot(22)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(4), Greater Yellowlegs(2), Sanderling(10)
GULLS: Mew(300), Herring(1), Glaucous-winged(50)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(30)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(3)
WOODPECKERS: Northern Flicker(3)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(1), American Crow(15),Common Raven(1)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Tree Swallow(6), Violet-green Swallow(6)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(13), Chestnut-backed(7)                                                                       
WRENS: Bewick's(1), Pacific(3)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(8)
THRUSHES: Mountain Bluebird(1), American Robin(4)
STARLING:  European Starling(20)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(3), Fox Sparrow(6), Song Sparrow(7), White-crowned Sparrow(2),Golden-crowned Sparrow(12), Dark-eyed Junco(11)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(1)                                                  
  FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: House Finch(4), House Sparrow(12) 

Fir Island – Tuesday March 18, 2014
Most of us will remember the day for the Snow Geese rising into the sky and looking like snow in the clouds.  We were able to watch this several times during the day.  We also had a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers on the dike off of the Main road.  They were very close and beautiful to see.
Joyce, Virginia, Ginger, Wilma, Art, Carlos, Judy, Rick, Jim, Bill, Janelle, Shelly John, Merilee, Joe, Rex, Randy and Ceil
55 Species I’d(Approx. Qty)
WATERFOWL:  Snow Goose(30,000), Canada Goose(25), Trumpeter Swan(130), Wood Duck(2), Gadwall(6),  American Wigeon(330), Mallard(314), Northern Shoveler(6), Northern Pintail(12), Green-winged Teal(154), Ring-necked Duck(5), Bufflehead(6)
LOONS, GREBES: Pied-billed Grebe(3)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(1), Great Blue Heron(3)
VULTURE: Turkey Vulture(1)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(12), Northern Harrier(2), Red-tailed Hawk(4), American Kestrel(1)
RAILS, CRANES: American Coot(6)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(1)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(1), Eurasian Collared-Dove(7)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(1)
WOODPECKERS: Downy Woodpecker(3), Hairy Woodpecker(1), Northern Flicker(3), Pileated Woodpecker(2)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(1), American Crow(12), Common Raven(2)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Violet-green Swallow(14)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(13)
WRENS: Bewick's(1), Marsh(1)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(2)
THRUSHES: American Robin(53), Varied Thrush(1)
STARLING:  European Starling(45)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Yellow-rumped(1)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(5), Fox Sparrow(1), Song Sparrow(10), Lincoln's Sparrow(1),White-crowned Sparrow(3),Golden-crowned Sparrow(20), Dark-eyed Junco(26)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(6), Brewer's Blackbird(14)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Purple Finch(3), House Finch(3), House Sparrow(2)

Point-No-Point – Tuesday, March 25, 2014
As we drove into the park at Point No Point we immediately saw three scrub jays right where they were expected to be.  We also enjoyed seeing a hugh number of Rhinoceros Aukets and Bonaparte’s Gulls in the bay.
Joe, Merilee, Janelle, Rex, Ray, Jeff, Rick, Jim, Joyce, Jim, John, Kathleen, Carlos, Douglas, Art, Sherrill, Frank, Virginia and Wilma
72 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
WATERFOWL:  Brant(63), Canada Goose(7), American Wigeon(18), Mallard(22), Green-winged Teal(2), Ring-necked Duck(6), Lesser Scaup(2), Black Scoter(9), Surf Scoter(46), White-winged Scoter(3), Long-tailed Duck(6), Bufflehead(67),  Barrow's Goldeneye(4), Red-breasted Merganser(30)
GALLINACEOUS BIRDS: Ring-necked Pheasant(1)
LOONS, GREBES: Pacific Loon(1), Common Loon(4), Horned Grebe(9), Red-necked Grebe(9)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Brant’s Cormorant(3), Double-crested Cormorant(9), PelagicCormorant(18), Great Blue Heron(2)
VULTURE: Turkey Vulture(2)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(4), Northern Harrier(1), Red-tailed Hawk(2)
RAILS, CRANES: American Coot(2)
SHOREBIRDS: Black-bellied Plover(2), Killdeer(3)
GULLS: Bonaparte's(250), Mew(9), Glaucous-winged(7)
ALCIDS: Pigeon Guillemot(14), Rhinoceros Auklet(51)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(12), Eurasian Collared-Dove(11), Mourning Dove(1)
HUMMINGBIRDS: Anna's(2), Rufous(1)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(2)
WOODPECKERS: Downy Woodpecker(3), Northern Flicker(3), Pileated Woodpecker(1)
SHRIKES: Northern(1)
VIREOS: Hutton's(1)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(1),Western Scrub-Jay(3), American Crow(2)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(6), Chestnut-backed(3), Bushtit(3)
WRENS: Bewick's(1), Pacific(1), Marsh(1)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(1), Ruby-crowned(1)
THRUSHES: American Robin(63), Varied Thrush(1)
STARLING:  European Starling(22)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Yellow-rumped(6), Townsend's(1)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(4), Fox Sparrow(1), Song Sparrow(6), White-crowned Sparrow(14),Golden-crowned Sparrow(6), Dark-eyed Junco(4)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(48), Western Meadowlark(1)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: House Finch(20), House Sparrow(2)