Trip Reports 2014 October - December

 Point- No-Point – Tuesday,  October 7, 2014

Again, we got to see the Western Scrub Jay at the Point-No Point lighthouse.  At this same site, we found a Snipe in the Wetlands.  The best bird of the day was the Pacific Loon as it was still in breeding plumage and had the outstanding pale gray nape.
57 Species I’d (Approx. Qty.)
Phil, Virginia, Sherrill, Wilma, Kathleen, Pam, Art, Rick, Reg, Val, Merilee and Joe
WATERFOWL:  Canada Goose(24), American Wigeon(65),Mallard(20), Green-winged Teal(6), Northern Pintail(4), Surf Scoter(94)
LOONS, GREBES: Pacific Loon(4), Common Loon(11), Horned Grebe(13), Red-necked Grebe(9)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(60), Pelagic Cormorant(40), Great Blue Heron(19)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(1), Northern Harrier(1), Cooper's Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Black-bellied Plover(1), Common Snipe(1)
GULLS: Bonaparte's(500), Heermann's(46), Mew(1), Ring-billed(5), Glaucous-winged(21)
ALCIDS: Pigeon Guillemot(22), Marbled Murrelet(4), Rhinoceros Auklet(7)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(12), Eurasian Collared-Dove(14), Mourning Dove(1)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(3)
WOODPECKERS: Red-breasted Sapsucker(1), Hairy Woodpecker(1), Northern Flicker(2), Pileated Woodpecker(1)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(8),Western Scrub-Jay(), American Crow(4), Common Raven(3)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Chestnut-backed(4)
NUTHATCHES, CREEPER: Red-breasted Nuthatch(4)
WRENS: Pacific(19), Marsh(1)
THRUSHES: American Robin(58)
STARLING:  European Starling(601)
WAXWINGS: Cedar(24)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Yellow-rumped(6)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(5), Song Sparrow(10), White-crowned Sparrow(2), Golden-crowned Sparrow(10), Dark-eyed Junco(6)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(18)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Purple Finch(1), House Finch(3), American Goldfinch(1)

Blackie Spit & Serpentine Fen – Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Two of the best sightings today-One was at Blackie Spit and it was seeing 50+ Greater Yellowlegs in the grassy wetlands off of the river.  The second sighting was at Serpentine and it was watching the Merlin dining on another bird.  He stayed on the top of the light pole for a long time as we watched, took photos and shared the scopes so everybody had a good view.
52 Species Id’d (Approx. Qty.)
Rex, Virginia, Sherrill, Art, Carlos, Jeff, Jim, Allen, Leigh, Janelle, Sue and Wilma
WATERFOWL:  Cackling Goose(20), Canada Goose(255), Eurasian Wigeon(5), American Wigeon(206), Mallard(216), Northern Shoveler(1), Green-winged Teal(37), Northern Pintail(70)
LOONS, GREBES: Red-throated Loon(1), Common Loon(26), Pied-billed Grebe(3), Horned Grebe(6), Red-necked Grebe(4), Western Grebe(3)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(3), Great Blue Heron(12)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(3), Northern Harrier(2), Red-tailed Hawk(11), Merlin(1)
RAILS, CRANES: American Coot(30)
SHOREBIRDS: Black-bellied Plover(4), Killdeer(2), Greater Yellowlegs(90), Long-billed Curlew(1), Marbled Godwit(2), Western Sandpiper(12)
GULLS: Ring-billed(24), Glaucous-winged(3)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(35), Band tailed Pigeon(1), Eurasian Collared-Dove(1)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(2)
WOODPECKERS: Northern Flicker(2)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(11), American Crow(13)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(11), Chestnut-backed(4),Bushtit(12)
NUTHATCHES, CREEPER: Red-breasted Nuthatch(1)
WRENS: Bewick's(1), Marsh(1)
KINGLETS: Ruby-crowned(2)
THRUSHES: American Robin(29)
STARLING:  European Starling(35)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Yellow-rumped(3)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(5), Song Sparrow(11), Dark-eyed Junco(1)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(3)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Purple Finch(12), House Finch(16), Pine Siskin(1), American Goldfinch(1)

Clear Lake – Tuesday, October 21, 2014
We found our fist trumpeter swan of the season at Johnson-Debay.  It was really great seeing the Eagle and Harrier flying at Butler Flats with a very dark sky in the background but the sun shining on the birds.  Their coloring was absolutely outstanding.  At the end of the day we drove to Fir Island to also get a look at the Snow Geese.
52 Species I’d (Approx. Qty.)
Virginia, Wilma, Janelle, Lee, Rex, John, Alannah, Reg, Pam, Kathleen, Joyce, Sandy, Sharon, Art, Jim, Judy and Val
WATERFOWL:  Snow Goose(300), Canada Goose(35), Trumpeter Swan(1), Wood Duck(1), American Wigeon(20), Mallard(65), Northern Shoveler(1), Green-winged Teal(10), Northern Pintail(1), Lesser Scaup(1)
LOONS, GREBES: Pied-billed Grebe(8), Western Grebe(3)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(8), Great Blue Heron(6)
VULTURE: Turkey Vulture(2)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(10), Northern Harrier(7), Red-tailed Hawk(3), American Kestrel(3)
RAILS, CRANES: American Coot(5)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(20), Common Snipe(2)
GULLS: Glaucous-winged(1)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(50), Eurasian Collared-Dove(22)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(3)
WOODPECKERS: Downy Woodpecker(2), Northern Flicker(4)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(3), American Crow(10), Common Raven(2)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(1), Chestnut-backed(6)
WRENS: Bewick's(1), Marsh(2)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(1), Ruby-crowned(2)
THRUSHES: American Robin(59)
STARLING:  European Starling(3,000)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(2), Savannah Sparrow(1), Song Sparrow(16), Lincoln's Sparrow(3),White-crowned Sparrow(2), Golden-crowned Sparrow(2), Dark-eyed Junco(8)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(2), Western Meadowlark(4), Brewer's Blackbird(4)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: House Finch(12), Pine Siskin(12)

Marysville Treatment Ponds - Saturday, October 25th
Rain and duck hunters combined to shorten our trip to two hours.  However, we found 29 species including a juvenile Rough-legged Hawk.  Al, John, Kathleen, Merilee, Joe, Doug.
Great Blue Heron
Canada Goose
Double-crested Cormorant
Ruddy Duck
Green-wing Teal
Lesser Scaup
Northern Shoveler
American Coot
Wood Duck
Rough-legged Hawk
Northern Harrier
Glaucous-winged Gull
Mew Gull
Ring-billed Gull
Bonaparte’s Gull
Yellowlegs, sp.
Virginia Rail
Northern Flicker
American Robin
Spotted Towhee
Red-winged Blackbird
Golden-crowned Sparrow
Savannah Sparrow
Song Sparrow
House Sparrow
Marsh Wren
Tree Swallow
House Finch

 South Whidbey Island – Tuesday, October 28, 2014
The day started with a light rain and turned into lots of wind at Crocket Lake, so we were pleased to see as many birds as we did.  We enjoyed seeing the shorebirds, but were unable to I’d some at Crocket Lake as it was so windy the scope, our binoculars, us and the cars were all moving too much to see any more than the birds outline and size.  We had good views of the shorebirds at Sunlight beach as the weather was okay in the afternoon.  We did see a large number of the waterfowl.
74 species I’d (Approx. Qty.)
Virginia, Joyce, Pam, Art, Jim, Judy, Kathleen, Janelle, Sue, Reg, John, Rex, John D and Alannah
WATERFOWL:  Canada Goose(12), Gadwall(15),  American Wigeon(250), Mallard(60), Northern Shoveler(20), Green-winged Teal(16), Northern Pintail(90), Ring-necked Duck(6), Lesser Scaup(35), Harlequin Duck(1), Surf Scoter(100), White-winged Scoter(1), Bufflehead(46),  Hooded Merganser(6), Common Merganser(12), Red-breasted Merganser(6)
LOONS, GREBES: Red-throated Loon(1), Pacific Loon(1), Common Loon(5), Pied-billed Grebe(1), Horned Grebe(45), Red-necked Grebe(10)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(30), Pelagic Cormorant(22), Great Blue Heron(4)
RAPTORS: Osprey(1), Bald Eagle(3), Northern Harrier(2), Sharp-shinned Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(3)
RAILS, CRANES: Virginia Rail(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Black-bellied Plover(150), Killdeer(14), Lesser Yellowlegs(2), Western Sandpiper(35), Pectoral Sandpiper(1), Dunlin(30), Long-billed Dowitcher(10), Common Snipe(2)
GULLS: Bonaparte's(56), Heermann's(4), Mew(2), Ring-billed(3), Glaucous-winged(13)
ALCIDS: Pigeon Guillemot(2), Marbled Murrelet(2)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(12), Eurasian Collared-Dove(1), Mourning Dove(6)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(2)
WOODPECKERS: Northern Flicker(4), Pileated Woodpecker(1)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(1), American Crow(18)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(3)
NUTHATCHES, CREEPER: Red-breasted Nuthatch(1), Brown Creeper(2)
WRENS: Pacific(2), Marsh(1)
KINGLETS: Ruby-crowned(2)
THRUSHES: American Robin(61)
STARLING:  European Starling(2)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(2), Song Sparrow(2), White-crowned Sparrow(4), Golden-crowned Sparrow(5), Dark-eyed Junco(25)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(64), Brewer's Blackbird(42)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Purple Finch(1), House Finch(1), House Sparrow(2)

Fir Island – Tuesday, November 4, 2014
The best part of the day was watching the Raptors going after the Dunlin.  At one place we were watching 3 Merlins hunting for Dunlin and Plovers and at the other we had three Peregrines and a Harrier and Eagle trying to capture their food for the day.  Another good sighting was seeing our first Rough-legged Hawk for this season.
60 Species I’d (Approx. Qty.)
Virginia, John H., Rex, Art, Carlos, Doug, Ed, John, Merillee, Joe, Kathleen, Joyce, Janelle, Johathen, Phil, Wendy, Jim, Val, Sharon Judy and Wilma
WATERFOWL:  Snow Goose(4), Canada Goose(12), Trumpeter Swan(20), Tundra Swan(1), American Wigeon(6), Mallard(406), Northern Shoveler(2), Ring-necked Duck(3)
LOONS, GREBES: Pied-billed Grebe(3)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Great Blue Heron(15)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(24), Northern Harrier(7), Cooper's Hawk(3), Red-tailed Hawk(12), Rough-legged Hawk(1), American Kestrel(2), Merlin(8), Peregrine Falcon(3)
RAILS, CRANES: American Coot(5)
SHOREBIRDS: Black-bellied Plover(100), Killdeer(80), Western Sandpiper(3), Least Sandpiper(1), Dunlin(10,400), Common Snipe(13)
GULLS: Mew(200), Ring-billed(600), Glaucous-winged(30)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(30), Eurasian Collared-Dove(18), Mourning Dove(14)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(3)
WOODPECKERS: Northern Flicker(2), Pileated Woodpecker()
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(4), American Crow(10), Common Raven(5)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(18), Chestnut-backed(3), Bushtit(10)
WRENS: Bewick's(3), Pacific(1), Marsh(5)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(2), Ruby-crowned(17)
THRUSHES: American Robin(36)
STARLING:  European Starling(1,100)
PIPITS: American Pipit(55)
WAXWINGS: Cedar(5)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(3), Fox Sparrow(1), Song Sparrow(2), White-crowned Sparrow(6), Golden-crowned Sparrow(2), Dark-eyed Junco(12)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(100), Brewer's Blackbird(20)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Purple Finch(6), House Finch(2), Pine Siskin(50), House Sparrow(2)

 Reifel Sanctuary, BC – Tuesday, November 11, 2014
The highlight of the day had to be seeing 3 Owl species.
52 Species I’d (Approx. Qty.)
Jeff, Virginia, Janelle, Sue, Alan, Mike, Jenny, Olivia, Art, Carlos, Judy, Val, Sharon, Rex, Rick Merrilee, Pam P. and John
WATERFOWL:  Snow Goose(1,000), Cackling Goose(100), Canada Goose(24), Trumpeter Swan(23), Wood Duck(12), Gadwall(4),  American Wigeon(36), Mallard(1,580), Northern Shoveler(6), Northern Pintail(24), Ring-necked Duck(3), Bufflehead(2),  Hooded Merganser(7)
LOONS, GREBES: Pied-billed Grebe(2)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(25), Great Blue Heron(32), Black-crowned Night-Heron(4),
RAPTORS: Osprey(2), Bald Eagle(12), Northern Harrier(24), Sharp-shinned Hawk(1), Cooper's Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(6)
RAILS, CRANES: American Coot(25), Sandhill Crane(7)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(10), Dunlin(10,000)
GULLS: Glaucous-winged(10)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(50),Eurasian Collared-Dove(4)
OWLS: Barn Owl(1), Saw-Whet Owl(1), Barred Owl(1)
WOODPECKERS: Northern Flicker(4)
SHRIKES: Northern(2)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(1), American Crow(100), Common Raven(6)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(50)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(10)
THRUSHES: American Robin(4)
STARLING:  European Starling(100)
WAXWINGS: Cedar(2)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(2), Fox Sparrow(1), White-crowned Sparrow(1), Golden-crowned Sparrow(4), Dark-eyed Junco(5)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(12), Western Meadowlark(1), Brewer's Blackbird(1)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: House Sparrow(25)

 Birch Bay – Tuesday, November 18, 2014
The best bird of the day was the Eared Grebe at Blaine Harbor.  We also got to see the Sanderlings and Black turnstones on the dock at Semiahmoo. 
62 Species I’d (Approx. Qty.)
Jeff, Virginia, Rick, Sharon, Kathleen, Janelle, Rex, John, Art, Carlos, Judy, Val, Joyce, Sue, Merrilee,  Joe, Pam, Wilma, Loretta and Margaret
WATERFOWL:  Snow Goose(2,000), Brant(60), Canada Goose(100), Eurasian Wigeon(1), American Wigeon(150), Mallard(50), Green-winged Teal(700), Northern Pintail(800), Canvasback(4), Ring-necked Duck(1), Lesser Scaup(1), Harlequin Duck(4), Surf Scoter(500), White-winged Scoter(75), Long-tailed Duck(11), Bufflehead(65),  Common Goldeneye(4), Barrow's Goldeneye(2), Hooded Merganser(7), Red-breasted Merganser(2)
GALLINACEOUS BIRDS: Ring-necked Pheasant(1)
LOONS, GREBES: Red-throated Loon(1), Pacific Loon(2), Common Loon(37), Horned Grebe(35), Western Grebe(2)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(12), Pelagic Cormorant(12), Great Blue Heron(5)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(1), Cooper's Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(1)
RAILS, CRANES: American Coot(150)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(6), Greater Yellowlegs(2), Black Turnstone(12), Sanderling(20), Dunlin(3,000)
GULLS: Bonaparte's(1), Glaucous-winged(30)
ALCIDS: Pigeon Guillemot(1), Marbled Murrelet(4)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(80)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(2)
WOODPECKERS: Downy Woodpecker(2)
CORVIDS: American Crow(24), Common Raven(1)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(1), Bushtit(12)
WRENS: Bewick's(1)
KINGLETS: Ruby-crowned(2)
STARLING:  European Starling(50)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(1), Song Sparrow(3), White-crowned Sparrow(6), Golden-crowned Sparrow(18), Dark-eyed Junco(1)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: House Finch(3), House Sparrow(6)

 Vashon Island – Tuesday, November 25, 2014
We had a great day of birding and saw a lot of species despite the cold and rainy weather.  We wish to than Ed Swan for being our leader for the day.  Highlights for the day included seeing the Eared Grebe and the Northern Shrike.  Evidentially the shrike is not seen too often on Vashon Island. 
61 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
Ed, Jeff, Jim, Virginia, Rex, Kathleen, Rick, Joyce, Frank, Art, Carlos and Judy
WATERFOWL:  Wood Duck(4), Gadwall(1),  American Wigeon(300), Mallard(2), Green-winged Teal(6), Ring-necked Duck(1), Harlequin Duck(1), Surf Scoter(112), White-winged Scoter(8), Bufflehead(40),  Common Goldeneye(40), Barrow's Goldeneye(7), Hooded Merganser(1), Red-breasted Merganser(15)
LOONS, GREBES: Red-throated Loon(6), Common Loon(3), Pied-billed Grebe(1), Horned Grebe(10), Red-necked Grebe(22), Eared Grebe(3)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Brant’s Cormorant(6), Double-crested Cormorant(8), Pelagic Cormorant(2), Great Blue Heron(11)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(2), Cooper's Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(1), Peregrine Falcon(1)
RAILS, CRANES: Virginia Rail(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(8), Spotted Sandpiper(1), Common Snipe(4)
GULLS: Mew(5), Glaucous-winged(2)
ALCIDS: Common Murre(1), Pigeon Guillemot(3), Rhinoceros Auklet(1)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(36)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(2)
WOODPECKERS: Northern Flicker (2)
SHRIKES: Northern(1)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(1), American Crow(12), Common Raven(1)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(2), Chestnut-backed(6), Bushtit(10)
WRENS: Pacific(1), Marsh(3)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(10)
THRUSHES: American Robin(3)
STARLING:  European Starling(50)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(1), Fox Sparrow(2), Song Sparrow(1), Lincoln's Sparrow(2), Golden-crowned Sparrow(2), Dark-eyed Junco(39)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(1)

 Spencer Island – Tuesday, December 2, 2014
This was a very cold and foggy day to start, but the sun came out and bird watching was much improved.  We had a very nice view of a Peregrine Falcon.
Virginia, Wilma, Cindy, Sherrill, Reg, Rex, Rick, Joyce, Janelle, Art, Carlos, Phil, Kathleen, Mary and Joe
46 Species I’d (Approx. Qty.)
WATERFOWL:  Cackling Goose(2), Canada Goose(35), Trumpeter Swan(12), American Wigeon(40), Mallard(120), Northern Shoveler(240), Green-winged Teal(48), Northern Pintail(500), Ring-necked Duck(2), Greater Scaup(6), Lesser Scaup(53), Bufflehead(16),  Hooded Merganser(2), Ruddy Duck(550)
LOONS, GREBES: Pied-billed Grebe(1)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Great Blue Heron(5)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(3), Red-tailed Hawk(2), Peregrine Falcon(2)
RAILS, CRANES: Virginia Rail(1), Sora(2), American Coot(300)
SHOREBIRDS: Black-bellied Plover(100), Killdeer(3), Dunlin(300), Common Snipe(3)
GULLS: Mew(15), Glaucous-winged(3)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(30)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(1)
WOODPECKERS: Downy Woodpecker(1)
CORVIDS: American Crow(30)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(3), Chestnut-backed(2)
WRENS: Bewick's(1), Marsh(2)
KINGLETS: Ruby-crowned(2)
THRUSHES: Hermit Thrush(1), American Robin(6)
STARLING:  European Starling(50)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Yellow-rumped(1)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(2), Fox Sparrow(2), Song Sparrow(3), Dark-eyed Junco(6)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(3)

 Lummi– Tuesday, December 9, 2014
It seems like planning a trip to Lummi is like planning for the windiest day of the year and with the most rain as that seems to be what happens every year lately.  We did get to see one Rough-legged hawk.  
After lunch the weather did improve and we had some good bird sightings including a Black Scoter, Western grebes and a Red-Throated Loon.
Merilee, Joe, Janelle, Kathleen, Rick, Kathleen, Rick, Jim, Rex, Art, Reg, Sherrill, Virginia and Wilma
32 Species I’d (Approx. Qty.)
WATERFOWL:  Brant(15), Canada Goose(6), American Wigeon(22), Mallard(4), Northern Pintail(1,300), Lesser Scaup(10), Black Scoter(1), Surf Scoter(3), White-winged Scoter(1), Bufflehead(36),  Common Goldeneye(3), Hooded Merganser(19), Common Merganser(5)
LOONS, GREBES: Red-throated Loon(1), Common Loon(1), Horned Grebe(1), Western Grebe(3)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(3), Great Blue Heron(5)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(14), Northern Harrier(11), Rough-legged Hawk(1)
GULLS: Mew(5), Ring-billed(8), Glaucous-winged(5)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(25)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(1)
CORVIDS: American Crow(12)
STARLING:  European Starling(35)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(1), Song Sparrow(2)

Mountlake Fill – Tuesday, December 16, 2014
The bird of the day was the sighting of the Pine Grosbeck.
Jim, Virginia, Sue, Art, Rex, Carlos, Val, Rick, Reg and Sherrill
55 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
WATERFOWL:  Canada Goose(25), Trumpeter Swan(6), Wood Duck(2), Gadwall(30),  American Wigeon(10), Mallard(160), Northern Shoveler(6),Northern Pintail(1), Green-winged Teal(14), Redhead(6), Ring-necked Duck(12), Greater Scaup(4), Bufflehead(50), Hooded Merganser(4), Common Merganser(13),
LOONS, GREBES: Pied-billed Gebe(35)
PELICANTS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(30), Great Blue Heron(3)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(3), Red-tailed Hawk(1)
RAILS, CRANES: American Coot(1,000)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(2)
GULLS: Glaucous-winged(2)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Dove(40)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(2)
WOODPECKERS: Downy Woodpecker(1), Northern Flicker(3)
VIREOS: Hutton's(1)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(1), American Crow(45)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(9), Bushtit(10)
NUTHATCHES, CREEPER: Red-breasted(1), Brown Creeper(2)
WRENS: Bewick's(2), Pacific(1), Marsh(4)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(3), Ruby-crowned(1)
THRUSHES: American Robin(12), Varied Thrush(3)
STARLING:  European Starling(12)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(2), Fox Sparrow(1), Song Sparrow(10), Lincoln's Sparrow(5), Golden-crowned Sparrow(1), Dark-eyed Junco(12), Pine Grosbeak(1)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(50)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: House Finch(12), Pine Siskin(35), American Goldfinch(7)

Samish Flats – Tuesday, December 30, 2014
Seeing Raptors was our goal and the day did not disappoint.  We especially enjoyed the Rough-legged hawks and the three peregrine Falcons.  It took awhile to find but we also spotted the Short-eared Owl on the West 40. 
61 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
Jim, Virginia, Sue, Art, Reg, Rex, Val, John, Alannah, Phil, Darla, Denise, Katy, Rick, Dick, Wilma, Loretta, Joyce, Sherrill, Merilee and Joe
WATERFOWL:  Brant(150), Trumpeter Swan(20), Eurasian Wigeon(1), American Wigeon(5,200), Mallard(30), Northern Pintail(10), Lesser Scaup(200), Surf Scoter(10), Long-tailed Duck(16), Bufflehead(41),  Common Goldeneye(1), Common Merganser(1), Red-breasted Merganser(1)
LOONS, GREBES: Common Loon(1), Red-necked Grebe(1)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(1), Great Blue Heron(21)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(22), Northern Harrier(15), Red-tailed Hawk(12), Rough-legged Hawk(4), American Kestrel(1), Peregrine Falcon(3)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(6), Dunlin(50)
GULLS: Glaucous-winged(30)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(10), Eurasian Collared-Dove(6), Mourning Dove(1)
OWLS: Short-eared Owl(3)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(1)
WOODPECKERS: Downy Woodpecker(1), Northern Flicker(3)
SHRIKES: Northern(1)
CORVIDS: American Crow(1), Common Raven(2)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(8), Chestnut-backed(1)
NUTHATCHES, CREEPER: Red-breasted Nuthatch(1), Brown Creeper(1)
WRENS: Pacific(1)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(6), Ruby-crowned(3)
THRUSHES: American Robin(4)
STARLING:  European Starling(500)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Yellow-rumped(1)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(5), Savannah Sparrow(1), Fox Sparrow(4), Song Sparrow(7), Lincoln's Sparrow(1), Golden-crowned Sparrow(12), Dark-eyed Junco(70)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(24), Western Meadowlark(1), Brewer's Blackbird(12)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Red Crossbill(12), Pine Siskin(10), House Sparrow(3)