Trip Reports 2016 October-December

 South Whidbey – Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The day was windy and rainy so bird species were down for the day.  The Heermann’s Gulls at Crocket lake were on shore so we all got a very good view of them.  We also found one Harlequin Duck.  Both were found at the Coupeville ferry dock.  We were pleased to see the increased number of Western Grebes at various spots.  Lots of small birds were found at Deer Lagoon and at Lone Lake.
63 Species I’d (Approx Qty.)
Virginia, Victor, Sharon, Wilma, Art, Carlos, Sandy, Phil, Jim, Graham, Bill, Jim, Ann, Ken, Sherrill, Val and Sue
WATERFOWL:  Canada Goose(35), Gadwall(60),  American Wigeon(530), Mallard(35), Northern Shoveler(3), Northern Pintail(22), Green-winged Teal(150), Harlequin Duck(1), Surf Scoter(350), White-winged Scoter(2), Hooded Merganser(5)
LOONS, GREBES: Red-throated Loon(2), Pacific Loon(1), Common Loon(11), Pied-billed Grebe(5), Horned Grebe(20), Red-necked Grebe(27), Western Grebe(67)
PELICANTS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(12), Pelagic Cormorant(30), Great Blue Heron(6)
VULTURE: Turkey Vulture(4)
RAPTORS: Osprey(3), Bald Eagle(11), Northern Harrier(2), Red-tailed Hawk(4), Merlin(2)
RAILS, CRANES: Virginia Rail(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(3), Long-billed Dowitcher(4)
GULLS: Bonaparte's(40), Heermann's(43), Mew(10), Ring-billed(2), California(3), Glaucous-winged(10)
ALCIDS: Common Murre(12), Pigeon Guillemot(6), Rhinoceros Auklet(1)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(45)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(2)
WOODPECKERS: Downy Woodpecker(1), Northern Flicker(1)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(1), American Crow(50)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Barn Swallow(2)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(6)
NUTHATCHES, CREEPER: Red-breasted(2), Brown Creeper(1)
WRENS: Pacific(1), Marsh(1)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(7), Ruby-crowned(4)
THRUSHES: American Robin(15)
STARLING:  European Starling(136)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Yellow-rumped(4)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(1), Fox Sparrow(1), Song Sparrow(3), Golden-crowned Sparrow(4), Dark-eyed Junco(6)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(21)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: House Sparrow(12)

Silvana Roads -Tuesday, October 11, 2026
The biggest surprise of the day was seeing three Rough-legged Hawks on the Boe Road.  Not only did we see these birds, but one of them was being harassed by a Raven.  For several minutes we watched as the Raven was dive bombing the hawk and would not leave it alone.  Finally, the Rough-Legged Hawk flew off and we watched the Raven come to the ground and pick up a dead varmint to eat.
52 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
Phil, Virginia, Wilma, Michael, Art, Carlos, Val, Judy, Ann, Jim, Jim B., Victor, Graham, Ken, Sherrill, Sue, Reg, Mary, Phil, Rick and Melinda
WATERFOWL:  American Wigeon(30), Mallard(33), Northern Shoveler(6), Northern Pintail(4), Green-winged Teal(26), Hooded Merganser(2)
LOONS, GREBES: Pied-billed Grebe(2)
PELICANTS, HERONS, IBIS: Great Blue Heron(6)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(5), Northern Harrier(1), Red-tailed Hawk(5), Rough-legged Hawk(3), American Kestrel(11), Peregrine Falcon(1)
RAILS, CRANES: Virginia Rail(2)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(8), Long-billed Dowitcher(4), Wilson’s Snipe(4)
GULLS: Ring-billed(2), Glaucous-winged(1)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(300), Mourning Dove(1)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(3)
WOODPECKERS: Downy Woodpecker(1), Northern Flicker(5)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(2), American Crow(100), Common Raven(6)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Barn Swallow(4)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(3), Chestnut-backed(2)
WRENS: Bewick's(1), Pacific(3), Marsh(2)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(3), Ruby-crowned(6)
THRUSHES: American Robin(30),
STARLING:  European Starling(300)
PIPITS: American Pipit(25)
WAXWINGS: Cedar(1)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Orange-crowned(1)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(1), Savannah Sparrow(2), Song Sparrow(6), White-crowned Sparrow(1),Golden-crowned Sparrow(2), Dark-eyed Junco(4)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(20), Western Meadowlark(8), Brewer's Blackbird(24)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: House Finch(26), American Goldfinch(2)

 Point-No-Point – Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Today was the day for Heerrman’s Gulls with there being many at Point-No Point area.  We saw all three scooters with 6 black Scoters at the Nature conservancy.  We also saw three flocks of Greater White-fronted Geese fly overhead.  They were identified via sound and photo.  For several of us this is the first flock that we had seen for the year.  Pacific Loons were showing their shimmering gray necks. 
68 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
Phil, Virginia, Joyce, Wilma, Art, Carlos, Val, Phil, Ken, Rex, Marty, Sherrill and David
WATERFOWL:  Greater White-fronted Goose(380), American Wigeon(30), Mallard(30), Northern Pintail(12), Green-winged Teal(2), Surf Scoter(200), White-winged Scoter(45), Black Scoter(6), Bufflehead(1), Red-breasted Merganser(6)
GALLINACEOUS BIRDS: California Quail(1)
LOONS, GREBES: Red-throated Loon(3), Pacific Loon(12), Common Loon(13), Horned Grebe(45), Red-necked Grebe(16), Western Grebe(1)
PELICANTS, HERONS, IBIS: Brandt’s Cormorant(3), Double-crested Cormorant(50), Pelagic Cormorant(12), Great Blue Heron(16)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(6), Sharp-shinned Hawk(1), Cooper's Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(1), Merlin(1)
RAILS, CRANES: Virginia Rail(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(1), Greater Yellowlegs(4)
GULLS: Bonaparte's(6), Heermann's(1,000), Mew(1), Ring-billed(2), Glaucous-winged(3)
ALCIDS: Common Murre(25), Pigeon Guillemot(12), Marbled Murrelet(1), Rhinoceros Auklet(6)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(30), Eurasian Collared-Dove(30)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(3)
WOODPECKERS: Northern Flicker(6)
VIREOS: Hutton's(1)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(4), Western Scrub-Jay(3), American Crow(12), Common Raven(1)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(8), Chestnut-backed(4)
NUTHATCHES, CREEPER: Red-breasted(2), Brown Creeper(4)
WRENS: Pacific(8), Marsh(1)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(12), Ruby-crowned(8)
THRUSHES: American Robin(10)
STARLING:  European Starling(300)
WAXWINGS: Cedar(50)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Yellow-rumped(1)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(8), Fox Sparrow(1), Song Sparrow(25), White-crowned Sparrow(2), Golden-crowned Sparrow(8), Dark-eyed Junco(25)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(100)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: House Finch(6), House Sparrow(3)

 Snohomish City and Outskirts – November 1, 2016
We saw several Wood Ducks on Blackman Lake on the Northwest side and on the East side at lunch several smaller birds including kinglets, juncos, Hummingbird and creepers.  On the Old Snohomish Monroe Hwy. we found Snipe and killdeer in the field beyond the bridge.  We had a field full of Snow Geese and enjoyed watching them fly and then land again into the field.  It’s great to see the swans and Snow Geese back for the winter.
Phil, Virginia, Joyce, Wilma, Art, Carlos, Jim, Phillip, Sherrill, Rex, Rick ad Melinda
63  Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
WATERFOWL:  Snow Goose(10K), Cackling Goose(6), Canada Goose(200), Trumpeter Swan(2), Tundra Swan(10),Wood Duck(6), Gadwall(10),  American Wigeon(1), Mallard(220), Northern Shoveler(40), Northern Pintail(6), Ring-necked Duck(11), Greater Scaup(1), Lesser Scaup(2), Bufflehead(8), Hooded Merganser(1), Common Merganser(1)
LOONS, GREBES: Pied-billed Grebe(2), Western Grebe(1)
PELICANTS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(12), Great Blue Heron(1)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(6), Sharp-shinned Hawk(1), Cooper's Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(15), American Kestrel(1), Peregrine Falcon(1)
RAILS, CRANES: American Coot(36)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(10), Wilson's Phalarope(6)
GULLS: Mew(206), Ring-billed(10), Glaucous-winged(1)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(1), Eurasian Collared-Dove(18)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(2)
WOODPECKERS: Downy Woodpecker(1), Northern Flicker(2)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(2), American Crow(610), Common Raven(3)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(8), Chestnut-backed(2)
NUTHATCHES, CREEPER: Red-breasted(1), Brown Creeper(1)
WRENS: Bewick's(1), Pacific(1), Marsh(2)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(6), Ruby-crowned(5)
THRUSHES: American Robin(54)
STARLING:  European Starling(60)
PIPITS: American Pipit(20)
WAXWINGS: Cedar(25)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(3), Savannah Sparrow(5), Fox Sparrow(2), Song Sparrow(11), Golden-crowned Sparrow(2), Dark-eyed Junco(20)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(1), Western Meadowlark(6), Brewer's Blackbird(30)

Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary- Tuesday November 8, 2016
The bird of the day would be seeing the Long-eared Owl.  Reifel is always a fun trip.  It is the only place we are able to hand feed the chickadee’s and the Sandhill Cranes.  Also you are so close to the ducks that allows you to see coloring of the feathers very clearly.
63 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
Phil, Virginia, Karen, Joyce, Art, Phillip, Michael, Jim, Sherrill, Marty, Sue, Janelle, Melinda, Rex, Reg, Ken, Rick and Beth
WATERFOWL:  Greater White-fronted Goose(1), Snow Goose(1,000), Cackling Goose(110), Canada Goose(200), Wood Duck(15), Gadwall(4),  Eurasian Wigeon(1), American Wigeon(10), Mallard(500), Northern Shoveler(10), Northern Pintail(15), Green-winged Teal(4), Ring-necked Duck(4), Bufflehead(1), Hooded Merganser(4)
GALLINACEOUS BIRDS: Ring-necked Pheasant(1)
LOONS, GREBES: Pied-billed Grebe(1)
PELICANTS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(6), Great Blue Heron(12), Black-crowned Night-Heron(6)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(16), Northern Harrier(10), Cooper's Hawk(3), Red-tailed Hawk(10)
RAILS, CRANES: Virginia Rail(2), American Coot(1), Sandhill Crane(5)
SHOREBIRDS: Black-bellied Plover(25), Greater Yellowlegs(1), Dunlin(5 K), Wilson’s Snipe(4)
GULLS: Mew(12), Ring-billed(200), Glaucous-winged(130)
DOVES,PIGEONS: Rock Pigen(65), Eurasian Collared-Dove(1)
OWLS: Long-eared Owl(1), Short-eared Owl(1)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(1)
WOODPECKERS: Northern Flicker(1)
SHRIKES: Northern(1)
CORVIDS: American Crow(21)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(20), Chestnut-backed(2)
NUTHATCHES, CREEPER: Red-breasted(1), Brown Creeper(1)
WRENS: Marsh(1)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(6), Ruby-crowned(2)
THRUSHES: American Robin(300)
STARLING:  European Starling(1 K)
WAXWINGS: Cedar(12)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(2), Song Sparrow(2), White-crowned Sparrow(1),Golden-crowned Sparrow(3), Dark-eyed Junco(12)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(16), Brewer's Blackbird(150)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Purple Finch(2), House Finch(1), American Goldfinch(2), House Sparrow(25)

 Samish Flats – Tuesday November 15, 2016
One of the last of the day that we saw were the favorite birds – that being the 3 Blue Geese amongst the Snow Geese. We had some great views of the Rough-legged Hawks and many of the Red-tailed Hawks that we saw were a very dark morph. 
57 Species I’d (Approx. Qty.)
Phil, Virginia, Joyce, Wilma, Kathleen, Rex, Jim, Jeff, Art, Doug, Judy, Ken, Sherrill, Melinda, Reg, Pam, John and Michael
WATERFOWL:  Snow Goose(3 K /c 3 /blues), Cackling Goose(2),  Trumpeter Swan(12), Tundra Swan(10), Mallard(n/a), Lesser Scaup(n/a), Surf Scoter(n/a), White-winged Scoter(n/a), Long-tailed Duck(n/a), Bufflehead(n/a), Hooded Merganser(n/a), Red-breasted Merganser(n/a)
LOONS, GREBES: Common Loon(1), Horned Grebe(1), Red-necked Grebe(1)
PELICANTS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(2), Great Blue Heron(5)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(15), Northern Harrier(16), Red-tailed Hawk(13), Rough-legged Hawk(11), American Kestrel(1), Peregrine Falcon(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Dunlin(2,200), Wilson’s Snipe(1)
GULLS: Mew(200), Ring-billed(50), Glaucous-winged(1)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(n/a), Eurasian Collared-Dove(2), Mourning Dove(4)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(n/a)
WOODPECKERS: Downy Woodpecker(1), Northern Flicker(5), Pileated Woodpecker(1)
SHRIKES: Northern(1)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(1), American Crow(14), Common Raven(2)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(3), Chestnut-backed(2)
NUTHATCHES, CREEPER: Red-breasted(1), Brown Creeper(2)
WRENS: Pacific(6)
KINGLETS: Ruby-crowned(1)
THRUSHES: American Robin(20)
STARLING:  European Starling(825)
WAXWINGS: Cedar(6)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(2), Song Sparrow(3), Dark-eyed Junco(8)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(50), Western Meadowlark(12), Brewer's Blackbird(128)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: House Finch(2), House Sparrow(6)

Montlake Fill – Tuesday November 22, 2016
The bird of the day was the Red-necked Phalarope.  Also, seeing the 60 Canvasbacks at Logboom Park was a treat.
52 Species I’d (Approx. Qty.)
Jim, Virginia, Graham, Rick, Sue, Jeff, Victoria, Joyce, Art, Doug and Phil
WATERFOWL:  Canada Goose(71), Wood Duck(32), Gadwall(60),  Eurasian Wigeon(1), American Wigeon(1089), Mallard(54), Northern Shoveler(15), Green-winged Teal(5), Canvasback(60), Redhead(3), Ring-necked Duck(8), Greater Scaup(33), Bufflehead(140), Common Goldeneye(30), Hooded Merganser(10), Common Merganser(16)
LOONS, GREBES: Common Loon(1), Pied-billed Grebe(14), Red-necked Grebe(2), Western Grebe(139)
PELICANTS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(84), Great Blue Heron(4)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(2), Cooper's Hawk(1)
RAILS, CRANES: Virginia Rail(2), American Coot(2500)
SHOREBIRDS: Red-necked Phalarope(1)
GULLS: Mew(1), Ring-billed(220), California(7), Glaucous-winged(12)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(14)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(1)
WOODPECKERS: Northern Flicker(1)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(3), American Crow(96)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(4), Bushtit(10)
WRENS: Bewick's(2), Marsh(4)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(2), Ruby-crowned(2)
THRUSHES: American Robin(17)
STARLING:  European Starling(8)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Yellow-rumped(2)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(2), Fox Sparrow(1), Song Sparrow(4)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: American Goldfinch(6), House Sparrow(1)

 Blaine, Semiahmoo and Birch Bay – Tuesday November 29, 2026
Without a doubt the best birds of the day were seeing the several flocks of Ancient Murrelets at Birch Bay.  There were at least 6-8 different flocks and they were close enough to get good views with the scope so there was no doubt about what we were looking at.  We had both a Coopers and a Sharp-shinned Hawk at the Blaine harbor.  We also got to see the leucistic Red Tailed Hawk
63 Species I’d (Approx. Qty.)
Phil, Virginia, Joyce, Wilma, Ken, Rick, Reg, Sherrill, Sue, Art, Carlos, Val, Phil, Pam, John, Kathleen, Jim, Rex, Jeff and Ginger
WATERFOWL:  Brant(104), Canada Goose(50), American Wigeon(200), Mallard(52), Northern Pintail(28), Green-winged Teal(3), Greater Scaup(200), Lesser Scaup(150), Harlequin Duck(25), Surf Scoter(200), White-winged Scoter(3,000), Black Scoter(5), Long-tailed Duck(10), Bufflehead(47), Common Goldeneye(36), Barrow's Goldeneye(12),  Hooded Merganser(14), Red-breasted Merganser(3), Ruddy Duck(40)
LOONS, GREBES: Red-throated Loon(1), Pacific Loon(1), Common Loon(20), Pied-billed Grebe(1), Horned Grebe(90), Red-necked Grebe(20), Western Grebe(25)
PELICANTS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(528), Pelagic Cormorant(12), Great Blue Heron(14)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(6), Sharp-shinned Hawk(1), Cooper's Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(10), American Kestrel(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Black Turnstone(50), Sanderling(1), Dunlin(300)
GULLS: Mew(1), Ring-billed(2), Thayer's(2), Glaucous-winged(10)
ALCIDS: Pigeon Guillemot(1), Ancient Murrelet(50)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(124), Eurasian Collared-Dove(8)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(8)
WOODPECKERS: Northern Flicker(3),
CORVIDS: American Crow(95)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(6), Chestnut-backed(1)
WRENS: Pacific(1)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(1), Ruby-crowned(6)
THRUSHES: American Robin(1)
STARLING:  European Starling(30)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(2), Fox Sparrow(1), Song Sparrow(4), White-crowned Sparrow(2), Golden-crowned Sparrow(6), Dark-eyed Junco(4)

Fir Island – Tuesday, December 6, 2016
All of us enjoyed seeing the Bohemian Waxwings at Wiley Slough.  They were with a flock of Cedar Waxwings and we saw at least 6 Bohemian’s.  The other good bird of the day was not seen by everybody but we did see the Clay-colored Sparrow on the dike road.  Even though the temperatures started out in the 20’s the wind was at a minimum and the sun was shining, so it was a pleasant winter day to bird and we were seeing many of the small birds.  This was our first trip to Hayton’s preserve since the new construction and bird watching is actually better than it ever was.
62 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
Phil, Joyce, Merilee, Wilma, Ken, Reg, Sherrill, Rex, Jim, Phil, Ginger, Art, Doug and Judy
WATERFOWL:  Snow Goose(10,000 /c 2 Blue), Cackling Goose(2), Trumpeter Swan(139), Gadwall(2), American Wigeon(1500), Mallard(64), Cinamon teal(1), Northern Shoveler(12), Northern Pintail(3), Green-winged Teal(35), Lesser Scaup(1), Bufflehead(21)
GALLINACEOUS BIRDS: Ring-necked Pheasant(1)
LOONS, GREBES: Pied-billed Grebe(3)
PELICANTS, HERONS, IBIS: Great Blue Heron(23)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(13), Northern Harrier(8), Cooper's Hawk(2), Red-tailed Hawk(11), Rough-legged Hawk(1), American Kestrel(6)
SHOREBIRDS: Black-bellied Plover(8), Greater Yellowlegs(33), Dunlin(1,000), Long-billed Dowitcher(5), Wilson’s Snipe(3)
GULLS: Ring-billed(12), Glaucous-winged(6)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(75), Eurasian Collared-Dove(60)
OWLS: Short-eared Owl(1)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(1)
WOODPECKERS: Downy Woodpecker(2), Northern Flicker(8)
SHRIKES: Northern(2)
CORVIDS: American Crow(24), Common Raven(2)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(8)
WRENS: Bewick's(1), Marsh(1)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(10), Ruby-crowned(17)
THRUSHES: American Robin(50)
STARLING:  European Starling(900)
PIPITS: American Pipit(100)
WAXWINGS: Cedar(25), Bohemian(6)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(4), Clay-colored(1), Song Sparrow(8), White-crowned Sparrow(1),Golden-crowned Sparrow(3), Dark-eyed Junco(23) BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(24), Western Meadowlark(6), Brewer's Blackbird(6)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Purple Finch(21), House Finch(36), American Goldfinch(15), House Sparrow(4)

 Fir Island to Samish Flats – December 13, 2016
This trip was planned be at Lummi Flats, but because of snowy weather in Whatcom county, we decided to stay in Skagit county for the day.  We always know that Fir Island and Samish Flats have great winter bird watching.  The highlight of the day was the close looks at the Bohemian Waxwings. 
68 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
Phil Virginia, Rex, Joyce, Art, Carlos, Jeff, Val, Ken, Sherrill, Sue, Frank, Jim, Graham, Kathleen and Merilee. 
WATERFOWL:  Snow Goose(10K), Canada Goose(1), Trumpeter Swan(812), Tundra Swan(1), Gadwall(3), Eurasian Wigeon(1), American Wigeon(1,200), Mallard(100), Northern Shoveler(3), Northern Pintail(46), Green-winged Teal(46), Bufflehead(10)
LOONS, GREBES: Pied-billed Grebe(1)
PELICANTS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(8), Great Blue Heron(14)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(18), Northern Harrier(33), Cooper's Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(45), Rough-legged Hawk(1), American Kestrel(6), Merlin(2), Peregrine Falcon(3)
RAILS, CRANES: American Coot(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Black-bellied Plover(250), Killdeer(40), Greater Yellowlegs(4), Dunlin(3,502), Long-billed Dowitcher(4), Wilson’s Snipe(5)
GULLS: Mew(2), Ring-billed(2), Glaucous-winged(20)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(6), Eurasian Collared-Dove(14), Mourning Dove(8)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(3)
WOODPECKERS: Red-breasted Sapsucker(1), Downy Woodpecker(3), Northern Flicker(19)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(1), American Crow(6), Common Raven(12)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(12), Chestnut-backed(1)
WRENS: Bewick's(3), Marsh(1)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(2), Ruby-crowned(1)
THRUSHES: American Robin(50)
STARLING:  European Starling(1,050)
PIPITS: American Pipit(30)
WAXWINGS: Bohemian Waxwing(60), Cedar Waxwing(10)
 LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Yellow-rumped(4)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(3), Savannah Sparrow(1), Song Sparrow(8), White-crowned Sparrow(4),Golden-crowned Sparrow(10), Dark-eyed Junco(58)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(32), Western Meadowlark(18)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Purple Finch(6), House Finch(6), American Goldfinch(3), House Sparrow(31)