Trip Reports 2017 January - March

 Spencer Island & Everett Waterfront- Tuesday.January 3, 2017

It was 19 degrees F. when we started birding this day.  We were all bundled up, but thankfully the sun came out and there was no wind.  Our bird of the day was seeing the bittern in the ditch alongside the sewer lagoon.  We were able to watch it for a long time.  We also saw our Perigrine Falcon and did see a Canvasback.
53 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
Phil, Virginia, Joyce, Wilma, Sherrill, Melinda, Frank, Jim, Rex, Art,
WATERFOWL:  Cackling Goose(2), Canada Goose(50), Gadwall(8),  American Wigeon(12), Mallard(600), Northern Shoveler(1,000), Green-winged Teal(200), Northern Pintail(2,000), Canvasback(6), Ring-necked Duck(300), Greater Scaup(1000), Lesser Scaup(1000), Bufflehead(20),  Barrow's Goldeneye(1), Hooded Merganser(4), Ruddy Duck(2000)
PELICANTS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(100), American Bittern(1), Great Blue Heron(10)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(3), Northern Harrier(3), Cooper's Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(4), Merlin(1), Peregrine Falcon(1)
RAILS, CRANES: Virginia Rail(1), American Coot(30)
SHOREBIRDS: Black-bellied Plover(175), Killdeer(18), Dunlin(120)
GULLS: Mew(3), Ring-billed(2),Western(2), Herring(1), Thayer’s(1) Glaucous-winged(6)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(20)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(1)
WOODPECKERS: Northern Flicker(1)
SHRIKES: Northern(1)
CORVIDS: American Crow(25)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(2), Bushtit(6)
WRENS: Bewick's(3)
KINGLETS: Ruby-crowned(3)
THRUSHES: American Robin(2)
STARLING:  European Starling(30)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Orange-crowned(1)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(3), Fox Sparrow(3), Song Sparrow(10), Golden-crowned Sparrow(3), Dark-eyed Junco(2)

 Boundary Bay & Blackie Spit – Tuesday, January 10, 2027
This was another cold week and the wind was making it colder.  There was ice on the roads and paths at Heritage Park.  We spotted a Ruddy Turnstone at White Rock.  We found the curlew and Godwits protected from the wind at Blackie Spit.  Being that it was out of its usual habitat the most difficult bird of the day to identify was a sanderling in the grass with Four Killdeer.
60 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
Phil, Wilma, Virginia, Joyce, Ken, Frank, Sherrill, Rick, Melinda, Sue, Jim, Phillip, and Michael
WATERFOWL:  Brant(1), Canada Goose(65), Trumpeter Swan(2),  Eurasian Wigeon(14), American Wigeon(300), Mallard(25), Northern Pintail(25), Green Winged Teal(152), Surf Scoter(25), White-winged Scoter(63), Bufflehead(18),  Common Goldeneye(4), Red-breasted Merganser(8)
LOONS, GREBES: Common Loon(4), Pied-billed Grebe(1), Horned Grebe(2) PELICANTS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(1), Great Blue Heron(7)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(514), Northern Harrier(3), Sharp-shinned Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(6), Rough-legged Hawk(1), Peregrine Falcon(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Black-bellied Plover(6), Killdeer(3), Greater Yellowlegs(13), Lesser Yellowlegs(10), Long-billed Curlew(1), Marbled Godwit(3), Ruddy Turnstone(1), Black Turnstone(3), Sanderling(1), Dunlin(5000), Long-billed Dowitcher(7)
GULLS: Mew(41), Ring-billed(121), Herring(1), Glaucous-winged(200)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(3), Eurasian Collared-Dove(1)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(5)
WOODPECKERS: Northern Flicker(2)
CORVIDS: American Crow(18)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(2)
NUTHATCHES, CREEPER: Red-breasted Nuthatch(1)
THRUSHES: American Robin(76),
STARLING:  European Starling(50)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(3), Savannah Sparrow(6), Fox Sparrow(2), Song Sparrow(10), White-crowned Sparrow(20), Golden-crowned Sparrow(12), Dark-eyed Junco(2)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(6), Western Meadowlark(3), Brewer's Blackbird(1)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: House Finch(3), House Sparrow(6)

Clear Lake – Tuesday, January 17, 2016
The bird of the day was seeing the Falcated Duck.
52 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
Phil B, Virginia, Kathleen, Joyce, Melinda, Ken, Rick, Jim, Graham, Rex, Phil D., Art, Doug, Judy and Randy
WATERFOWL:  Snow Goose(4,000), Canada Goose(3), Trumpeter Swan(500), Tundra Swan(12), American Wigeon(2,000), Mallard(50), Northern Pintail(25), Green-winged Teal(30), Ring-necked Duck(24), Lesser Scaup(12), Bufflehead(2), Hooded Merganser(2), Common Merganser(15), Falcated Duck(1)
LOONS, GREBES: Common Loon(1), Pied-billed Grebe(1)
PELICANTS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(30), American Bittern(1), Great Blue Heron(5)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(7), Northern Harrier(7), Cooper's Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(7), American Kestrel(2), Peregrine Falcon(1)
RAILS, CRANES: American Coot(100)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(3), Lesser Yellowlegs(na), Wilson’s Snipe(6)
GULLS: Ring-billed(2), Glaucous-winged(5)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(23), Eurasian Collared-Dove(15)
WOODPECKERS: Red-breasted Sapsucker(1), Northern Flicker(6)
SHRIKES: Northern(2)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(4), American Crow(16), Common Raven(2)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(2), Bushtit(12)
WRENS: Pacific(1)
KINGLETS: Ruby-crowned(2)
THRUSHES: American Robin(65)
STARLING:  European Starling(10)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(1), Song Sparrow(1), White-crowned Sparrow(1), Dark-eyed Junco(4)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(1,000), Brewer's Blackbird(30)

 Lummi Flats – Tuesday, January 24, 1917
The best sighting of the day was on the Lummi Shore Road where we saw Oystercatchers, Turnstones and Sanderlings mixed together.  They were so close we did not even need binoculars to watch them. We also enjoyed the Rough-legged Hawk sightings. 
71 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
Wilma, Virginia, Joyce, Mary M., Art, Jim, Merilee, Val, Sue, Melinda, Marty, Rick, Reg, Frank, Sherrill, Len, Jeff, Phil, Rex, Ginger and David
WATERFOWL:  Brant(30), Canada Goose(26), Trumpeter Swan(30), Gadwall(6),  Eurasian Wigeon(6), American Wigeon(530), Mallard(50), Northern Pintail(1,235), Green-winged Teal(1), Canvasback(4), Ring-necked Duck(2), Greater Scaup(50), Lesser Scaup(50), Surf Scoter(58), White-winged Scoter(206), Black Scoter(3), Long-tailed Duck(12), Bufflehead(15), Common Goldeneye(3), Barrow's Goldeneye(1),  Hooded Merganser(16), Common Merganser(1), Red-breasted Merganser(2) ,Ruddy Duck(25)
LOONS, GREBES: Common Loon(3), Pied-billed Grebe(1), Horned Grebe(11), Red-necked Grebe(3), Western Grebe(8)
PELICANTS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(35), Pelagic Cormorant(50), Great Blue Heron(7)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(16), Northern Harrier(7), Sharp-shinned Hawk(2), Red-tailed Hawk(14), Rough-legged Hawk(8), Merlin(1)
RAILS, CRANES: American Coot(120)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(1), Black Oystercatcher(10), Black Turnstone(48), Sanderling(7), Dunlin(101)
GULLS: Mew(2), Ring-billed(1), Glaucous-winged(2)
ALCIDS: Common Murre(2)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(30), Eurasian Collared-Dove(2), Mourning Dove(25)
WOODPECKERS: Downy Woodpecker(1), Northern Flicker(3), Pileated Woodpecker(1)
SHRIKES: Northern(2)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(1), American Crow(100), Common Raven(1)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(4)
NUTHATCHES, CREEPER: Red-breasted(1), Brown Creeper(1)
WRENS: Pacific(1)
THRUSHES: American Robin(36)
STARLING:  European Starling(75)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(2), Fox Sparrow(3), Song Sparrow(4), White-crowned Sparrow(2), Golden-crowned Sparrow(5), Dark-eyed Junco(15) BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(2), Western Meadowlark(2)

Camano Island – Tuesday, January 31, 2027
We enjoyed seeing the Short-eared Owls at Eide Road.  There were lots of photographers at the road due to this being the last year to take photos before the area is flooded.  What a surprise to see our first swallows of the year at Camano Island State Park.
68 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
Joyce, Virginia, Wilma, Michael, Art, Judy, Val, Merilee, Phil, Rex, Sue, Rick, Jim, Randy, Graham and Frank
WATERFOWL:  Snow Goose(4), Canada Goose(256), Trumpeter Swan(40), Gadwall(1),  American Wigeon(150), Mallard(22), Northern Pintail(1), Green-winged Teal(200), Ring-necked Duck(5), Greater Scaup(15), Lesser Scaup(35), Surf Scoter(305), Bufflehead(50), Common Goldeneye(10), Barrow's Goldeneye(160),  Common Merganser(2), Red-breasted Merganser(23)
LOONS, GREBES: Red-throated Loon(5), Common Loon(1), Horned Grebe(7), Red-necked Grebe(5), Western Grebe(152)
PELICANTS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(4), Pelagic Cormorant(1), Great Blue Heron(4)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(12), Northern Harrier(8), Red-tailed Hawk(3), Rough-legged Hawk(3), Merlin(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(4), Greater Yellowlegs(2), Dunlin(3,000)
GULLS: Mew(30), Glaucous-winged(1)
ALCIDS: Pigeon Guillemot(2)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(n/a), Eurasian Collared-Dove(1), Mourning Dove(1)
OWLS: Short-eared Owl(3)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(1)
WOODPECKERS: Hairy Woodpecker(1)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(2), American Crow(10)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Tree Swallow(1), Northern Rough-winged Swallow(1)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(5), Chestnut-backed(5)
WRENS: Bewick's(2), Pacific(2), Marsh(1)
DIPPER: American Dipper()
THRUSHES: American Robin(26), Varied Thrush(1)
STARLING:  European Starling(55)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(5), Fox Sparrow(1), Song Sparrow(13), Lincoln's Sparrow(1),White-crowned Sparrow(5),Golden-crowned Sparrow(6), Dark-eyed Junco(24)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(30), Brewer's Blackbird(1)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: House Finch(2), Pine Siskin(10), House Sparrow(10)

Blaine, Birch Bay & Semiahmoo – Tuesday, February 14, 2027
One of the best things that happened for this trip was that we had great weather-Cloudy, but no rain or wind.  The biggest surprise for the day was seeing a Short-eared Owl at Birch Bay and Semiahmoo.  The mixed flock of loons & grebes at Blaine were wonderful.  There were large numbers of Pacific Loons with a few Red-throated Loon to compare the two.  We found the Eared Grebe.  We also enjoyed the shorebirds at Blaine and Semiahmoo.
68 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
Phil, Virginia, Wilma, Joyce, Judy, Art, Merilee, Sherrill, Bev, Sue, Melinda, Frank, Jay, Rick, Jim, Rex, Graham, Mary, Ginger and David
WATERFOWL:  Brant(500), Cackling Goose(25), Canada Goose(306), Trumpeter Swan(20), Gadwall(5),  American Wigeon(12), Mallard(30), Northern Pintail(700), Green-winged Teal(10), Ring-necked Duck(1), Greater Scaup(250), Harlequin Duck(8), Surf Scoter(150), White-winged Scoter(100), Black Scoter(8), Long-tailed Duck(9), Bufflehead(50), Common Goldeneye(10), Barrow's Goldeneye(6),  Hooded Merganser(2), Red-breasted Merganser(31) ,Ruddy Duck(8)
LOONS, GREBES: Red-throated Loon(20), Pacific Loon(400), Common Loon(35), Pied-billed Grebe(1), Horned Grebe(12), Red-necked Grebe(2), Eared Grebe(2)
PELICANTS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(25), Pelagic Cormorant(2), Great Blue Heron(3)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(10), Northern Harrier(2), Cooper's Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(4), Rough-legged Hawk(2)
SHOREBIRDS: Black Oystercatcher(2), Greater Yellowlegs(7), Black Turnstone(67), Sanderling(12), Dunlin(650)
GULLS: Mew(16), Thayer's(1), Glaucous-winged(20)
ALCIDS: Pigeon Guillemot(1)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(43), Eurasian Collared-Dove(3)
OWLS: Short-eared Owl(1)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(3)
CORVIDS: American Crow(6)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Barn Swallow(1)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(6)
WRENS: Bewick's(1)
THRUSHES: American Robin(5)
STARLING:  European Starling(24)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(3), Fox Sparrow(2), Song Sparrow(4), White-crowned Sparrow(8), Golden-crowned Sparrow(6), Dark-eyed Junco(3) BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(2), Brewers Blackbird(12)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Purple Finch(3), House Finch(6), House Sparrow(n/a)

Snoqualmie Valley – Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2017
The best part of the day was seeing the smaller birds as we have been mostly seeing the larger water birds such as ducks, Loons, Grebes and Herons.  We especially enjoyed the pine siskins eating new growth from a tree.  They were so close we could almost touch them.  We also saw a lot of downy woodpeckers.
61 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
Phil, Virginia, Joyce, Wilma, Art, Judy, Val, Jim, Graham, Phil D., Ken, Frank, Beverly and Sherrill
WATERFOWL:  Snow Goose(200), Cackling Goose(1750), Canada Goose(41), Trumpeter Swan(63), Gadwall(2),  American Wigeon(65), Mallard(100), Northern Pintail(35), Green-winged Teal(50), Ring-necked Duck(7), Lesser Scaup(1), Bufflehead(5), Common Goldeneye(1), Hooded Merganser(1), Common Merganser(18)
LOONS, GREBES: Pied-billed Grebe(9)
PELICANTS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(5), Great Blue Heron(2),
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(7), Northern Harrier(5), Cooper's Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(6), American Kestrel(4), Peregrine Falcon(1)
RAILS, CRANES: American Coot(150)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(1), Dunlin(17), Wilson’s Snipe(2)
GULLS: Ring-billed(40), Glaucous-winged(2)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(1), Eurasian Collared-Dove(8)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(1)
WOODPECKERS: Downy Woodpecker(9), Hairy Woodpecker(1), Northern Flicker(4), Pileated Woodpecker(1)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(2), American Crow(235), Common Raven(9)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Tree Swallow(6)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(8)
WRENS: Pacific(1), Marsh(4)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(9), Ruby-crowned(1)
THRUSHES: American Robin(155)
STARLING:  European Starling(35)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(2), Fox Sparrow(n/a), Song Sparrow(8), White-crowned Sparrow(6), Golden-crowned Sparrow(17), Dark-eyed Junco(14)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(15), Brewer's Blackbird(15)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: House Finch(6), Pine Siskin(6), House Sparrow(2)

 Port Townsend – Tuesday, February 28, 2017
This is always a great trip with good sightings during the day.  We saw the usual Plovers, Dunlin and Sanderlings at Fort Flagler State Park.  The alcids are always great to see on this trip.
78 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
Phil, Virginia, Rex, Joyce, Art, Carlos, Val, Judy, Blair, Frank, Reg, Mary, Ken, Jim, Graham, Kathleen, Phil D., Victoria, Jeff, Sherrill and Melinda
WATERFOWL:  Brant(24), Canada Goose(20), Trumpeter Swan(40), Gadwall(10),  Eurasian Wigeon(1), American Wigeon(33), Mallard(10), Northern Shoveler(n/a), Northern Pintail(150), Green-winged Teal(35), Greater Scaup(n/a), Harlequin Duck(6), Surf Scoter(13), White-winged Scoter(5), Black Scoter(n/a), Long-tailed Duck(38), Bufflehead(20), Common Goldeneye(1), Barrow's Goldeneye(10),  Hooded Merganser(2), Red-breasted Merganser(20) ,Ruddy Duck(n/a)
LOONS, GREBES: Common Loon(8), Pied-billed Grebe(1), Horned Grebe(5), Red-necked Grebe(5), Western Grebe(2)
PELICANTS, HERONS, IBIS: Brandt’s Cormorant(3), Double-crested Cormorant(8), Pelagic Cormorant(9), Great Blue Heron(2)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(2), Northern Harrier(1), Cooper's Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(1)
RAILS, CRANES: American Coot(n/a)
SHOREBIRDS: Black-bellied Plover(151), Killdeer(2), Black Oystercatcher(2), Sanderling(6), Dunlin(50)
GULLS: Mew(30), California(1), Glaucous-winged(10)
ALCIDS: Common Murre(5), Pigeon Guillemot(28), Ancient Murrelet(24), Rhinoceros Auklet(2)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(30), Eurasian Collared-Dove(2)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(4)
WOODPECKERS: Hairy Woodpecker(n/a), Northern Flicker(9)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(1), American Crow(20)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(2), Chestnut-backed(1)
WRENS: Bewick's(1), Pacific(1), Marsh(1)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(1), Ruby-crowned(1)
THRUSHES: American Robin(47), Varied Thrush(4)
STARLING:  European Starling(30)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(4), Fox Sparrow(2), Song Sparrow(6), White-crowned Sparrow(8),Golden-crowned Sparrow(18), Dark-eyed Junco(13) BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(2), Brewer's Blackbird(1)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Purple Finch(2), House Finch(2), Pine Siskin(6), House Sparrow(n/a)

Snohomish and Outskirts – Tuesday, March 7, 2017
It rained all day, but we were fortunate that the wind was not blowing.  Highlights include a flock of Cackling Geese land in a field that were I’d by sound.  We found a couple of Yellowlegs and a great variety of waterfowl for the day.
52 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
Phil, Virginia, Joyce, Wilma, Reg, Ken, Kathleen, Art, Bill, Jim and Graham   
WATERFOWL:  Cackling Goose(200), Canada Goose(36), Trumpeter Swan(15), Gadwall(24),  Eurasian Wigeon(1), American Wigeon(241), Mallard(120), Northern Shoveler(8), Northern Pintail(25), Green-winged Teal(6), Ring-necked Duck(40), Lesser Scaup(200), Bufflehead(4), Common Goldeneye(3), Hooded Merganser(2), Common Merganser(13), Ruddy Duck(35)
PELICANS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(3), Great Blue Heron(14)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(8), Northern Harrier(3), Cooper's Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(1), American Kestrel(1), Peregrine Falcon(1)
RAILS, CRANES: American Coot(30)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(2), Greater Yellowlegs(2)
GULLS: Mew(1), California(3), Glaucous-winged(2)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(51), Eurasian Collared-Dove(12)
WOODPECKERS: Downy Woodpecker(1), Northern Flicker(3),
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(4), American Crow(38)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(5), Bushtit(10)
KINGLETS: Ruby-crowned(2)
THRUSHES: American Robin(37)
STARLING:  European Starling(150)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(4), Song Sparrow(3), Lincoln's Sparrow(1),White-crowned Sparrow(18),Golden-crowned Sparrow(5), Dark-eyed Junco(13)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(4), Brewer's Blackbird(50)

 Fir Island – Tuesday, March 14, 2017
The Great Horned Owl is on the nest.  We also saw a barn owl in a nest built on the side of a barn.  Tried for a three owl day, but was unable to find the Short-eared Owl.  We enjoyed spying the Tundra swans mixed with the Trumpeter swans.  It is obvious that hunting season is over as the fields were filled with Mallards and Wigeons.
66 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
Joyce, Virginia, Kathleen, Wilma, Melinda, Sue, Rick, Sherrill, Reg, Frank, Beverly Rex, Jim, Phil, Randy, Art, Judy and Allen
WATERFOWL:  Snow Goose(3,000), Canada Goose(56), Trumpeter Swan(400), Tundra Swan(22),Wood Duck(3), Gadwall(3), American Wigeon(3,000), Mallard(3,000), Northern Shoveler(2), Northern Pintail(12), Green-winged Teal(14), Ring-necked Duck(4), Bufflehead(10), Common Goldeneye(1), Hooded Merganser(5), Common Merganser(4)
GALLINACEOUS BIRDS: Ring-necked Pheasant(1)
LOONS, GREBES: Pied-billed Grebe(2)
PELICANTS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(10), American Bittern(1), Great Blue Heron(3)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(6), Northern Harrier(4), Cooper's Hawk(1), Red-tailed Hawk(2), Rough-legged Hawk(1), American Kestrel(4)
RAILS, CRANES: Virginia Rail(1), American Coot(3)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(24), Greater Yellowlegs(1), Dunlin(2)
GULLS:  Mew(4), Glaucous-winged(3)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(53), Eurasian Collared-Dove(4)
OWLS: Barn Owl(1), Great Horned Owl(1)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(2)
WOODPECKERS: Red-breasted Sapsucker(2), Downy Woodpecker(2), Northern Flicker(2)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(2), American Crow(24), Common Raven(3)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Tree Swallow(6), Violet-green Swallow(2), Northern Rough-winged Swallow(2)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(6), Chestnut-backed(4)
WRENS: Bewick's(1), Marsh(1)
THRUSHES: American Robin(35)
STARLING:  European Starling(40)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(3), Fox Sparrow(1), Song Sparrow(11), Lincoln's Sparrow(1), White-crowned Sparrow(2), Golden-crowned Sparrow(6), Dark-eyed Junco(n/a) BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(12), Western Meadowlark(30), Brewer's Blackbird(180)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: House Finch(6), House Sparrow(5)

Silvana – Tuesday, March 21, 2017
The highlight of the day was exploring a new birding area behind Haggen’s in Stanwood.  We did get to see a nice view of a Ring-necked Pheasant and 10 greater yellowlegs.  We had some good views of Rough-legged Hawks on Eide Road.  A Killdeer made a nest right on the side of the road where we frequently stop by a small pond.  She was doing her broken leg dance out in the field so we were looking in the field for the nest.  Fortunately we did not step on the nest as it was right by our parked cars. 
61 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.)
Wilma, Virginia, Joyce, Pam P, Art, Jim, Phil, Kathleen, Rex and Mary
WATERFOWL:  Snow Goose(3 K), Canada Goose(1), Trumpeter Swan(60), Tundra Swan(3), Wood Duck(1), Gadwall(1),  Eurasian Wigeon(2), American Wigeon(650), Mallard(600), Northern Shoveler(2), Northern Pintail(7), Green-winged Teal(35), Ring-necked Duck(4), Bufflehead(2), Common Goldeneye(2), Hooded Merganser(1), Common Merganser(2)
GALLINACEOUS BIRDS: Ring-necked Pheasant(1)
PELICANTS, HERONS, IBIS: Double-crested Cormorant(2), Great Blue Heron(4),
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(42), Northern Harrier(3), Red-tailed Hawk(2), Rough-legged Hawk(3), American Kestrel(4)
RAILS, CRANES: Virginia Rail(2), American Coot(12)
SHOREBIRDS: Killdeer(2), Greater Yellowlegs(10),
GULLS: Mew(235), Glaucous-winged(n/a)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(250), Eurasian Collared-Dove(3), Mourning Dove(5)
HUMMINGBIRDS: Anna's(3), Rufous(1)
KINGFISHER: Belted Kingfisher(1)
WOODPECKERS: Red-breasted Sapsucker(1), Hairy Woodpecker(1), Northern Flicker(3)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(6), American Crow(30), Common Raven(15)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Tree Swallow(42), Violet-green Swallow(10)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(4),
NUTHATCHES, CREEPER: Red-breasted(1)
WRENS: Bewick's(2), Pacific(2), Marsh(2)
KINGLETS: Ruby-crowned(1)
THRUSHES: American Robin(102)
STARLING:  European Starling(100)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Yellow-rumped(1)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(1), Song Sparrow(7), ,White-crowned Sparrow(10),Golden-crowned Sparrow(10), Dark-eyed Junco(18)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(10), Western Meadowlark(20), Brewer's Blackbird(20)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Purple Finch(1), House Finch(2), House Sparrow(2)

Point-No-Point – Tuesday, March 28, 2017
We were fortunate to site 63 species on this very windy day as we were holding onto our scopes as the wind was trying to blow them over.  We birded Buck Lake first in hoping to find the small song birds early in the morning.  On the way to Buck Lake we found the Western Scrub jays.  It was a surprise to see them there instead of at the Light house.
63 Species I’d(Approx. Qty.),
Phil, Virginia, Joyce, Wilma, Ken, Reg Jeff, Frank, Jim, Randy, Victor, Beverly, Sherrill, Sue, Melinda, Kathleen, Mary and Rick
WATERFOWL:  Brant(23), Canada Goose(8), American Wigeon(12), Mallard(23), Green-winged Teal(12), Lesser Scaup(2), Surf Scoter(10), Black Scoter(1), Long-tailed Duck(2), Bufflehead(n/a), Common Goldeneye(2), Hooded Merganser(n/a), Red-breasted Merganser(17)
LOONS, GREBES: Pacific Loon(1), Common Loon(2), Horned Grebe(1), Red-necked Grebe(1), Western Grebe(1)
PELICANTS, HERONS, IBIS: Brant’s Cormorant(n/a), Double-crested Cormorant(3), Pelagic Cormorant(n/a), Great Blue Heron(1)
RAPTORS: Bald Eagle(3), Red-tailed Hawk(1)
SHOREBIRDS: Black-bellied Plover(6), Killdeer(4), Wilson’s Snipe(5)
GULLS: Bonaparte's(12), Mew(4), Glaucous-winged(2)
ALCIDS: Pigeon Guillemot(4), Rhinoceros Auklet(3)
DOVES, PIGEONS: Rock Pigeon(6), Eurasian Collared-Dove(1)
WOODPECKERS: Northern Flicker(1), Pileated Woodpecker(1)
VIREOS: Hutton's(1)
CORVIDS: Steller's Jay(1), Western Scrub-Jay(5), American Crow(10), Common Raven(1)
LARKS, SWALLOWS: Violet-green Swallow(1), Northern Rough-winged Swallow(2)
CHICKADEES, BUSHTIT: Black-capped(1), Chestnut-backed(2), Bushtit(2)
WRENS: Bewick's(1), Pacific(4), Marsh(1)
KINGLETS: Golden-crowned(2), Ruby-crowned(2)
THRUSHES: American Robin(7)
STARLING:  European Starling(6)
LONGSPURS, WARBLERS: Yellow-rumped(3)
SPARROW, TANAGERS: Spotted Towhee(2), Song Sparrow(3), White-crowned Sparrow(1), Dark-eyed Junco(4)
BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES: Red-winged Blackbird(7), Brown-headed Cowbird(n/a)
FINCHES, WEAVER FINCH: Purple Finch(6), Pine Siskin(6), House Sparrow(2)