Rain Garden Opportunity

Have you been thinking about having a rain garden in your yard? This may be the opportunity you have been looking for.

Rain Gardens play an important role in reducing erosion and flooding, and they improve water quality downstream. Backyard gardeners have used low-impact, sensible techniques (now called rain gardens) for a long time, and businesses and governments are finally catching on, too. Rain Garden When PCC developed a new store in Edmonds, it included rain gardens in the parking lot, and many people have had a chance to see these rain gardens in action.

The Sno-King Watershed Council (SKWC), in cooperation with Farmer Frog and EarthCorps, is soliciting applications for rain gardens in the Swamp Creek Drainage Basin. Money for construction of the rain gardens will come from a $125,000 Clean Water Act settlement between the SKWC and Snohomish County for the County's allowing construction of a five-acre parking lot at Paine Field without permits or stormwater treatment. More information on the Clean Water Act settlement can be read at http://www.heraldnet.com/news/illegal-parking-lot- highlights-silt-problems-in-area-streams/.

Each home owner selected for this special opportunity will be eligible to receive design and engineering services for a rain garden as well as plants and planting help from Farmer Frog and EarthCorps. This will be a turn-key operation for rain garden construction that will help improve the water quality in the Swamp Creek Drainage Basin. This is a one-time offer that will expire when the money is exhausted.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Site must be in the Swamp Creek Drainage Basin;
  2. Site cannot already have some stormwater flow control or water quality treatment;
  3. Property Owner must commit to maintain and not remove the rain garden; and
  4. Site must be residen al and not a commercial or industrial property.

To learn more about this program and to get an application, go to http://www.pilchuckaudubon.org/userfiles/file/backyard%20habitat/Rain%20Garden%20Application%20and%20Map.pdf.

Farmer Frog will review the applications; if they find that your site is a good potential project location, they will conduct a site visit to inspect your property for suitability for rain garden construction. The successful applicants will be chosen in early March, so check it out right away. You can also contact Bill Lider to answer specific questions at Bill@LiderEngineering.com.