Program Background

In 2013, the Pilchuck Audubon Society (PAS) was the recipient of an amazing legacy gift from Robert Royce. Although Mr. Royce was not an actual member of PAS, he was a devoted bird watcher and spent hours tending to his feeders on his Port Gardner Bay property. 
To honor his passion, the PAS Board of Directors voted in 2014 to implement a backyard habitat program somewhere within our chapter boundaries using a portion of the Royce gift.  The Everett Backyard Habitat Program began in January 2017.


As human development continues, wildlife habitats in the affected areas are altered and become less able to support the species that previously lived there. Also, animals that are better adapted to human habitat may increase their presence as a result of development. One way we can help is to create enjoyable and environmentally friendly backyard habitats.  The actions we take on our own properties can have a significant effect on the species that share this habitat with us.