Marbled Murrelet

Marbled Murrelet Long Term Conservation Strategy

Washington State Department of Natural Resources Revised Draft Environmental Impact Statement (released September 7, 2018) for the Marbled Murrelet Habitat Conservation Plan


The public record is now open to receive public comments on the Washington Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) recently released Revised Draft Environmental impact Statement (RDEIS). The new RDEIS amends DNR’s 1997 State Trust Lands Habitat Conservation Plan, to include a long-term conservation strategy for the marbled murrelet.

As part of this process, DNR also will apply for an amendment to its incidental take permit for the marbled murrelet under the federal Endangered Species Act. DNR and the US Fish and Wildlife Service are serving as the co-lead agencies for purposes of environmental review under both the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) and the federal National Environmental Policy Act

The public record closes to public comment at 5 pm on November 6, 2018.

Pilchuck Audubon Society members and friends urge you to join with thousands of others in commenting upon the draft strategy to protect and recover marbled murrelet populations and habitat in Washington State on forest lands managed by DNR!

DNR released its Revised Draft Environmental Impact Statement (RDEIS) on eight alternatives for the Long-Term Conservation Strategy of the Marbled Murrelet, to replace DNR’s 2016 draft EIS.

The Marbled Murrelet Coalition will be analyzing this 400-page RDEIS and providing talking points to use and share during the public comment period, which opened on September 7, to end close of business (5 pm) on November 6.

Further information with key points recommended for commenting letters will soon be posted here on Pilchuck Audubon’s website under “Advocacy.”

Public comments can be submitted by e-mail but the DNR is encouraging the public to use their new public commenting portal.

Comments can also be submitted via:

Four public meetings to learn more about the RDEIS have been scheduled in western Washington. Two are close to most Pilchuck Audubon members and friends from Seattle north to the Canadian border:

  • October 15, 2018 (5-7pm); Ballard Library Meeting Room in Seattle; 5614 22nd Ave NW, Seattle 98107 (map)
  • October 17, 2018 (6:30-8:30pm); Burlington Public Library Community Meeting Room; 820 East Washington Avenue; Burlington 98233 (map)

You can stay up to date using the Murrelet Survival Project Facebook page, if you have Facebook access.