As human development continues, wildlife habitats in the affected areas are altered and become less able to support the species that previously lived there. Also, animals that are better adapted to human habitat may increase their presence as a result of development. One way we can help is to create enjoyable and environmentally friendly backyard habitats. The actions we take on our own properties can have a significant effect on the species that share this habitat with us.
The first priority of the Everett Backyard Habitat Program is properties – residential, commercial or governmental – that are found to be important for completing wildlife corridors within Everett zip codes. The second priority will be the Everett properties of interested community members. All of these property owners will be encouraged to submit an application to the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife’s Backyard Habitat Certification Program
Upon achieving certification, the Everett Backyard Habitat Program will provide a $10 gift certificate to Wild Birds Unlimited in Everett and help the property owner put up their yard sign, which is a great way to interest friends and neighbors in this program.
The application form can be found here.
Jed Holmes is the Everett Backyard Habitat Program coordinator. He can be reached at habitat@pilchuckaudubon.org or 360 421 8423.
We can help you to:
1. Identify native plants that attract wildlife;
2. Design water sources and set up bird feeders and houses;
3. Find solutions to keep cats away from wildlife;
4. Learn how create sheltered areas and maintain your backyard year-round to benefit wildlife.


Using special mapping software, the Everett Backyard Habitat Program will identify properties which will provide continuity in food, water, and cover for the movement of wildlife, especially birds, through the greater Everett area. These property owners will be contacted to discuss inclusion in the program. Additional help may be available to these owners to implement the wildlife habitat landscape features.