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Big Old Trees and Little Trees

by Dr. Jerry Franklin

Dr. Jerry Franklin, professor of ecosystem processes and forest ecology at the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, University of Washington, will speak about the importance to wildlife and vegetation of big, old trees, based on research of forest lands becoming bare of trees due to drought, wildfire, erosion, windstorms, insect infestations and disease, invasive species, and logging. Dr. Franklin was among the principal architects of the NW Forest Plan. He was appointed by President Clinton to his White House Forest Conference in 1993. That plan significantly decreased cutting of “old growth” trees on federal lands in Washington, Oregon and northern California, to preserve old growth stands and to restore habitat for the Northern Spotted Owl.

Friday, May 9, 2014
7:00 – 8:30 pm
Everett Firefighter’s Hall
2411 Hewitt Avenue, Everett (map)

For more information - leave message at 425-252-0926

Oso Recovery Fund


All New, Expanded Bird-a-thon

April 19 through May 19

"Let the Competition Begin"


Workshops at Edmonds Native Plant Demonstration Garden

Save the Frogs Day -- April 26

Native Seeds and Handmade Recycled Paper -- April 27

Forest Practices Committee News

Update on Motocross Park hearings

Pilchuck Audubon opposes clear cut in Wallace Falls area

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Birding Classes Offered

Candy Brown will once again offer birding classes through both the Edmonds and the Marysville Parks Departments in 2014.  See our Birding Classes webpage for details.

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Conservation Committee Report, April 2014

Forest Practices Committee, March 2014


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