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  Rare Bird: Pursuing the Mystery of the Marbled Murrelet

by Maria Mudd Ruth

Maria Mudd Ruth shares tales from her book, Rare Bird: Pursuing the Mystery of the Marbled Murrelet, which celebrates the world of this fascinating seabird of the Pacific Northwest Coast. Maria highlights the bizarre breeding behavior of the murrelet, the 185-year-long search for its elusive nest, and how the accidental discovery of the first nest in 1974 has helped protect our coastal forests and near-shore waters where the murrelet lives.

Maria Mudd Ruth has published more than a dozen natural history books. A native of Virginia, Maria moved her family to California in 2001 to be closer to the murrelets during her research and writing of Rare Bird, published in 2005 and reissued by Mountaineers Books in 2013. She now lives in Olympia where she is involved in advocacy for the marbled murrelet, citizen science research for the pigeon guillemot, protection for local forests, and writing a book on clouds. 

Friday, February 13, 2015
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Red-tailed Hawk; Photo by Keith Lehn

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Help the Birds with Climate Change

Solar power opportunities in Washington State  

~ PAS President Kathleen Snyder's letter to the Everett Herald,
September 13, 2014

Forest Practices Committee News

on Motocross Park, January 13, 2015

Pilchuck Audubon opposes clear cut in Wallace Falls area

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